Little Boy Saves His Baby Brother Just in the Nick Of Time! WOW! Watch Here!

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This is the ‘miraculous’ moment a young boy dove to his baby brother’s rescue after the infant tipped over the side of his changing table.

Surveillance video showed mother Tila Levi turning her back on the 11-month-old baby, before nine-year-old Joseph Levi darted into the camera’s frame just as the infant fell to the ground, WSVN reported.

Joseph has been hailed a hero after he caught the 30-pound baby inches away from the floor in their Bal Harbour, Florida home.

Tila was trying to get her five children ready for bed when she turned her back on the changing table, where her baby soon crawled over the edge.

The 11-month-old tumbled towards the floor and flipped over several times in the air as Levi bolted into the camera’s frame with his arms outstretched.

Joseph managed to catch his brother – a heroic act Tila says saved the baby’s life.

The mother’s first reaction was to blame herself, but Tola told WSVN: ‘Then I realized that, really, it was a miracle.

‘I must have done something right to have been deserving of this little guy, running in at the right time and catching him at the right moment.’

She credits Joseph for being a ‘hero’, but the boy suggested it was a divine intervention since his baby brother is usually too heavy for him to carry.

He said: ‘I would have never caught him, and I can’t run that fast, so I felt like something came and just pushed me forward.

‘And when that happened, I just ran and caught him.’

Tila, who noted the importance of being a vigilant parent, said: ‘I think that all of our lives can change in a second.’


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