Liberal Gestapo TERRORIZES Mom For Anti-Mask Facebook Post! [VIDEO]


One of the more interesting concepts when it comes to enforcing laws is the idea of the spirit of the law vs the letter of the law. It is one of those things that gives a police officer for example the authority and discretion to not have to be so hard and fast when it comes to bringing the hammer down on someone.

For example, when I was 18, I got pulled over for speeding. I was doing 33 in a 25 and the cop had every right to give me a ticket if they had wanted to. That being said, I got let off with a warning. Some cops, would have written you a ticket if you did 27 in a 25, that’s just how the whole thing works.

Anyway, I never thought that this same type of thing would ever come to political discourse, especially online political discourse.

I thought this was America.

Aren’t we supposed to have freedom of speech?

We’re not living in Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia.

You wouldn’t think we had a 1st Amendment after Palm Beach County cops harassed a mother of 3 during a surprise late-night visit.

What was the reason for the intimidation and interrogation?

For a simple Facebook post joking about dumping masks on a County Official’s lawn.

Her online remark comes on the heels of the county’s plan to forbid people who have medical exemptions from wearing masks from attending meetings.

And to place them into parking garages instead.

Apparently, her Facebook comment didn’t sit well with the thought police.

Here’s the footage:

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