Leaked Video Exposes What Australia’s COVID Camps REALLY Look Like!


How Australia and New Zealand are handling this whole COVID-19 thing is unimaginable. Unfortunately, they have gone from a normal country into a different one during this pandemic. A total goner.

Their actions with this pandemic have gone completely off the COVID rails and at this point.

While scrolling through the videos from the internet, I found this one clip that caught my attention. The video was Australia’s latest “COVID camps.”

What I saw from the video, how people were suffering from a great injustice as you’d imagine it to be. Creepy right?

This said COVID camp is located at the northern tip of the country in a place called Howard Springs. The camp was a former mining camp that’s been turned into a temporary home for hundreds of domestic and international travelers being forced to wait around long enough to prove they’re Covid-free.

The purpose of this camp is to use it for people who have been diagnosed with COVID.

Aside from this current camp that they have, the Australian government is also planning to build two more camps, each with a capacity of about 2,000 people, is being built outside Brisbane and Melbourne, and Sydney and Perth may not be far behind. The sites, called “centers for national resilience,” are an embodiment of the country’s commitment to Covid zero.



You watch something like this and you realize the tremendous power of “fear” and what it can do to people.

COVID is a virus with a 99.8 percent survival rate. It deeply impacts the elderly, sickly, and obese.

Other than that, the vast majority of people will be perfectly fine…yet, even so, countries like Australia are creating “camps” for quarantine.

This is an absolutely creepy and scary place.

Source: Wayne Dupree



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