If You Have Quarters That Were Made In 2004, You Might Be Sitting On A Small Fortune…


Do you have any quarters lying around at home? You might want to double-check them if they are from 2004.

It’s a 2004 Wisconsin State Quarter and according to TikTok user CoinHub there are some quarters that have an extra leaf on the corn ear. These quarters can fetch you thousands of dollars. There are also some special pennis that have sold for thousands.

The vast majority of 2004 Wisconsin quarters are worth their face value — 25 cents. But some contain errors, which makes them rare collector’s items.

All of the quarters from that series show a cow, a wheel of cheese, and an ear of corn on the back, according to CoinHub. If you have one, pay close attention to the corn — especially the leaf on it. TikTok user @coinhub has posted a helpful video on the subject (Video Below).

If you see a “high extra leaf” on the corn, hold on to that coin for dear life because the tiny little leaf is not supposed to be there. A “high extra leaf” coin in excellent condition has sold for as much as $2,530. Even those in less-than-excellent condition could score you a couple of grand.

Now, if you happen to see a 2004 Wisconsin quarter with a “low extra leaf” below the corn — put it in a metal lockbox and shove that lockbox into a safe. One of these Wisconsin quarters with a “low extra leaf” sold for $6,000, WKDQ reported, citing a report on the Professional Coin Grading Service collector’s site.

On the other hand, if you have a 2004 Wisconsin quarter with neither a high extra leaf or a low extra leaf, well… find three more just like it and you’ll have a dollar.

According to AWM, hundreds of TikTok users shared their reactions to the two-thousand-dollar quarter in the comment section of the viral video. Comments included things like the following:

“Who does one sell their coins to if they’re worth something?”

“I’ve been looking for this quarter with that flaw since they were first issued!”

“So if I have that coin and it mirrors, I might make rent?”

“I have one that has a dot right below that leaf. How to find out if it’s worth anything?”

“I have a coin from my Grandma’s collection. It sells around 1k-1.5k.”

Watch the viral TikTok here: CoinHub/TikTok

Further explained by: TreasureTown/Youtube

Source: AWM

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