GRAPHIC VIDEO: THIS IS SHARIA LAW – Woman Beaten With Cane Until She …

Radical Islam

This is Sharia Law…Libs want to March “for women” while also being “tolerant” of Muslim religion. Women’s rights and Sharia law oppose each other.

This woman is publicly beaten on her knees because women aren’t permitted to stand like the men. It isn’t clear what her crime was but it could be something as stupid as standing “too close” to a man who isn’t her husband or relative.


Watch below:

Women are degraded and disrespected in Muslim-majority countries that practice Sharia law. Their husbands are in charge of them, they need permission to work. To get a divorce the man need to consent but if the man wants one, the woman doesn’t even need to be present. All property while married belongs to the man.

Women are beaten for not keeping their whole body covered. They’re beaten for being too close to another man…. THIS IS OPPRESSION.

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1 thought on “GRAPHIC VIDEO: THIS IS SHARIA LAW – Woman Beaten With Cane Until She …

  1. This seems like a sick sport to them like rooster fights or dog fights……This is a sick practice and these
    fools seem to be enjoying this too much

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