He Accidentally Captures Gas Station Scam, Shares Video So Others Don’t Get Screwed Too

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Kaloyan Pechevski accidentally captured a gas station scam over at Citgo!

Over at an Illinois Citgo gas station a man named Kaloyan Pechevski caught a major scam going on at the gas station. He made sure to catch the whole thing on video too and that video has since gone viral.

From awm:

In the video below, which is the second in a series that has gone viral many times over, you’ll watch what Pechevski is shocked to witness. Even though the gas nozzle is resting on the trunk of his car, and is not leaking gas, the gas meter keeps creeping up and he is being charged more money every second.

In the video, Pechevski explains what is happening. The gas gauge keeps adding gallons to the total without dispensing any liquid gas into his tank.

As he asks in the video description: “Is this a fraud or just a mistake?! Let the regulatory organs decide that!”

Source: Gas Pump Scam Finally Revealed by internetroi on Rumble

Watch the whole first video below:


The man records the nozzle sitting on the trunk of his car while the numbers on the pump slowly rise costing him an extra few cents. Does the gas company actually make extra money from maybe a few cents each customer or is it just a glitch?

And who leaves the nozzle off of the gas pump after filling up their car? Wouldn’t you just hang it up and that would be that? Tell us what you think about this video below. Thanks!

1 thought on “He Accidentally Captures Gas Station Scam, Shares Video So Others Don’t Get Screwed Too

  1. Have seen this in statons across the country.
    Another galling thing is the gas station guessing game: If you want to simply “fill ‘er up”, many stations require you to state in advance exactly how much you really want/need and pay for it in advance. If you mis-guess, tough luck, you can’t get any overpayment back.

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