IT’S ABOUT TIME!!! NEW Executive Order Leaked… Liberals In PANIC MODE


Trump has been doing everything he promised he would during his campaign for President. Now a lot of Liberals are complaining about his new Executive Order, but the rest of America is HAPPY!

See why dems are panicking…

Reported by rightjournalist,

During his campaign, Trump vowed to implement executive orders to overturn other orders that were forced by Obama. Ever since he took office, Trump has made good on his promise.

Every day President Trump surprises with new orders, the top one being his 90-day Muslim band from some Muslim-majority countries that are terrorist hotbeds. This order has met opposition from government operatives and Trump’s immediate response by firing them.

But, if we are to believe one news report, Trump has in store one more that will forever discard that falsely referred order as a “Muslim ban” for good in terms of controversy:

Procured by The Washington Post, the orders would allegedly “deny admission to any alien who is likely to become a public charge” and set up standards for “determining whether an alien is deportable … for having become a public charge within five years of entry.”

To be a “public charge” is just one more way of saying “receiving welfare and other ‘free’ government benefits.”

The underlying aim here would be to make the U.S. immigration system more “merit-based” reported New York magazine, the order would also “bar undocumented immigrants from accessing the child tax credit, even when their children are U.S. citizens,” which would be a devastating to undocumented immigrant families hoping to cash in on their anchor babies.

Aas the Center for Immigration Studies reported, in 2012 roughly 51% of all immigrant households received welfare. For generations, citizens of Western countries, not just the United States, have objected that newcomers were living off welfare and getting other “free” goodies while taxpayers were compelled to foot the bill. These people were often dismissed as “racists” by the elites, who are inclined on forcing a multicultural, socialist ‘utopia’ of future progressive voters.

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Go Donald Trump!


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