Bully Picks on Little White Boy Outside School… Check who Steps In To Knock the Bully Out! [Video]


This bully tries to punk a little guy who wants no problems… Someone bigger steps in and stops him in his tracks!

The only white kid in the crowd gets bullied by a wanna be thug. He obviously wants no problems but the bully keeps messing with him like he’s gonna hit him again.

I can’t stand bullying and obviously most of the crowd felt the same way…

See what happened next! The bully isn’t so tough anymore!


BOOM! He got knocked out! Didn’t even try fighting the guy that punched him. That’s a bully for you…go after weaker people to seem tough.

It doesn’t surprise me, not all PEOPLE are racist thugs! Proud to see a young man stick up for another who can’t defend himself !! I’m betting his Parents are Proud of him.

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