BLM Just Got DESTROYED In One 43 Second Video!


Maybe they need to call Guinness Book of World Records, an entire movement completely dismantled in 43 seconds-flat?  This has to be recorded.

In just under one minute to completely destroy the Marxist group Black Lives Matter – that’s exactly what happened when a black man was asked what he thought about  BLM.

What have they done with all that money that they’ve raked in? He asked while calling them out for being a total scam – which they are.

Have they restored depredated homes or given out business grants for black startups? And what community clean-up programs and kids programs have they started?

They’re filthy rich.

I haven’t heard of anything – but I did hear that one of the founders of BLM has like 4 houses.

Again, they’re filthy rich…

Must be nice, right? Making millions off of pain and suffering and giving nothing back.

Seems fitting though…Communist leaders always live like royalty, while the peasants starve and fight in the streets.

This is a must-watch 43-seconds:

This man gets it, and a lot of people are waking up to what a total scam BLM truly is.

All that movement is doing is making elites richer and dividing the country.

And, if they don’t have turmoil and angst, they will miss a paycheck. Remember BLM is a “business” and their revenue is pain, death, and destruction.

Source: WayneDupree

2 thoughts on “BLM Just Got DESTROYED In One 43 Second Video!

  1. BLM and Antifa will never be outlawed as long as they have the full support of the Godless Democratic Party of Treason to help them lead their Marxist party to a one party system. How do you supposed other dictators, past and present, throughout the world managed to succeed?

    USAF (RET)

  2. This gentleman has stated what we all knew from the get go. BLM, burn, loot, murder is a farce, a con and corrupt. The leaders have enriched themselves at the expense, pain and suffering of the black community. As the man stated they’ve done nothing for the black community, no school improvements, no meal programs, no rec centers, no nothing. If they’re a charity group to help black Americans, where is the help and the money. BLM, burn, loot murder is an exact copy of the democrat party, they take money and do nothing in return for the black community.

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