MOTHER OF GOD: This Man Just CAUGHT The BIGGEST Rattlesnake Known To Man…



Dan Lambert found a large western Rattlesnake in his yard but when he and his friends finally caught the slithering monster and brought it to a specialist, they realized the fact that they may have indeed found the largest rattlesnake ever recorded.

Is this a case of forced perspective creating an optical illusion that it seems bigger than it actually is? Maybe. What do y’all think?

11 thoughts on “MOTHER OF GOD: This Man Just CAUGHT The BIGGEST Rattlesnake Known To Man…

  1. Wonder how many rattlers?? We caught a 6 foot rattler with 16 rattles when we were at the Herradura Ranch in Texas hunting

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    1. My neighbor killed one that stretched all the way across his drive without the head or the rattlers (14feet).

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