Biden KNEW About The Formula Shortage Months Ago And Refused To Do Anything…


It’s becoming clear to us that Biden doesn’t seem to know anything that’s happening in America right now. His inept leadership put all of us into this very bad situation.

On Wednesday, Biden tried to meet with the heads of baby formula manufacturers just for photo ops, because after the meeting the administration still doesn’t have a plan to fix the issue they caused.

In contrast to Biden’s claim that no one inform him about the Baby Formula shortage, it turns out Biden’s FDA was already warned by Multiple baby food manufacturers back in February that the closure of the Abbott plant would definitely cause a major shortage of formula.

Multiple baby food manufacturers told President Joe Biden on Wednesday that they knew the closure of the Abbott plant in February would lead to shortages and that they warned the FDA.

 The Gateway Pundit describes the scene:

Joe Biden on Wednesday met virtually with infant formula manufacturers to discuss his non-existent plan to fix the baby formula crisis he created.

Biden was joined by Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra, Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy and others in the South Court auditorium.

Despite their hand in the whole situation, it seems that Joe couldn’t be more disinterested during the meetings.

Biden could barely stay awake during the roundtable discussion.

WLT commented further:

Apparently, no one explained to Joe that they can see your facials and hear your snoring on virtual just as well as in person. He was also apparently unaware that they were filming the meeting in the office as well.

The only moments that Biden perked up was when he tried to defend his lackluster, non-existent efforts to fix the problem. It seems that the purpose of the meeting was to divert the blame for the crisis onto the baby formula manufacturers.

Things did not go as Joe had hoped. Rather than meekly take the blame for the shortages, CEO’s stated that they knew immediately that when Joe shut down their production facility that it would have catastrophic consequences.

The infant formula executives told Joe Biden that as soon as the Abbott baby formula recalls happened, they recognized it was going to be a huge problem.

“We knew from the very beginning this would be a very serious event,” the Reckitt executive told Joe Biden.

This shortage has made it nearly impossible for some families to care for their infants. There have even been reports of hospitalizations as a result of the lack of supply. When you view the entire meeting, you can see Biden repeatedly trying to pass the buck and shirk responsibility.

You can watch a clip of Biden claiming he didn’t know about the crisis until April, HERE.

WLT continued:

That’s pretty bad considering Joe didn’t take any meaningful action until a month later in May. But wait, it seems that Joe might have been trying to hide the reality which was that he knew a whole lot sooner than April about what would happen.

The facts don’t lie and there were reporters on hand to call him out. You see, Biden shut down the infant formula facilities over four months ago in February. According to the testimonies of the CEOs, they knew immediately that it was going to impact the supply chain.

Considering the timeline, it means that in all likelihood, Biden was made aware as early as February meaning that he didn’t just wait one month before doing anything. Joseph Biden may have waited a whole 4 months before taking action to fix a problem he created.

Joe seemed to catch on that he needed to clean up his misinformation. With the worst approval ratings in the last century, people aren’t as willing to believe whatever you say anymore. He pivoted his stance from ignorance to being a hero that was put in an impossible situation that no one could foresee. Thankfully, there was a reporter there on hand to remind him of what was just said LITERALLY minutes earlier.

Check out this tweet that explains the exchange and then has the video for you to see for yourself:

The outlet concluded:

Put on the ropes like an aging boxer fighting Mike Tyson in his prime, Biden couldn’t keep his guard up any longer. He essentially admitted that he’s a horrible leader. Under the scrutiny of one reporter that was asking a simple logical question, Joe admitted  with his responses that he knew less than every single leader in that virtual meeting. Regarding something that could harm every young American family and their children, Joe just didn’t know.

And that’s the sad, infuriating part about all of this. It’s clear that with the baby formula shortage,  food processing plant fires and a host of other issues, that there are things at work to affect the food security of this nation. And the person occupying the highest elected office in the nation may not actually be ignorant to all of it. In fact, he may also be complicit. After all, can such a negligent action, in the face of all the information, truly be an accident? It just doesn’t seem likely.

I don’t know how others feel but it seems that actions like what Joe admitted to in that meeting should be impeachable or at least get some form of public outcry.

Source: WLT


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