Ben Carson Sets Internet On Fire, Says The One Thing That Will Shame Liberals Forever

Liberal Agenda

Ben Carson just hit back hard at his liberal critics. Hard. And there are a lot of them. Because the left is a jealous.

Of Ben’s success, of his story, of his past – everything because Ben destroys the phony narrative that the Democrats have been crafting behind the nanny state.

Ben is opposed to it because he, unlike Nancy Pelosi, knows what the heck he is talking about. He lived through some tough times and in some rough places and he knows what it takes to come out the other side intact.

When he was named Housing and Urban Development Secretary by Trump the left went nuts. Said how could Trump pick Ben for such an important position.

They asked what his qualifications were but Ben just stayed quiet and went about the business of transforming that failed agency with a dose of good American ingenuity.

According to the Free Beacon, Ben was speaking at the Hill’s Newsmaker Series event when he was asked about the hardest part of his new position.

“What were some of the obstacles that you saw,” he was asked, “Was it maybe not thinking outside the box, that idea that you just raised. Have you changed the mindset at HUD?”

Carson said HUD was run “like most other government bureaucracies” and detailed how that is a soul crushing existence for all involved. Full of useless rules and regulations and petty nonsense.

Turf wars and politics and pensions were what drove the workers not the actual job of making people’s lives better.

And that is the problem with the Democrats. They have failed so miserably they have given up on new ideas.

So Carson said he has started small and made HUD start to look towards the end goal, not look at the small rules and regulations that stifle innovation.

Then he was asked about his critics and Ben said,

“When I first came a lot of people were saying, ‘But you’re a doctor, so you can’t possibly know anything about housing, how can you possibly run HUD?”

The he looked into the camera and said the one thing that will shame liberals forever,

“You know, people are so stupid.”

Correct and by that he means you liberals. Share if you agree with Dr. Carson.

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