The United States has had to reap the consequences of some unfortunate and disappointing Democratic presidents in the past decades.

Jimmy Carter begun in 1979 by holding back the Iranian army. His actions lead to Iran’s terrorist state overruling the Iranian government as a result.

Next on the list, we can thank Bill Clinton for conducting the Monica War on Iraq. Despite these men not doing a darn thing to help America, they sure gave a helping hand to Iran.

But the most wanting and lowest of all the Democratic presidents that has bruised the nation with the most damage is, none other than Barack Obama. Without holding any apprehension, we can clearly see and prove, Obama was the most unfavorable of the Democratic presidents thus far in US history.

..and rightfully so.

He’s a proven Terrorist.

Reported by thedailydeplorables:

Pretty much immediately after Obama was inaugurated into office he took troops out of Iraq. By doing this, he basically let Iran take over Iraq without any hesitation. The problem for us? This decision cost us 500 American soldiers.

At the time, Secretaries of State, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, aided Obama in creating a platform for negotiating with Iran directly. Hillary was a major factor in the deal, dubbing her “the groundskeeper.” Former CIA Analyst Fred in Obamabomb stated: “A Dangerous and Growing National Security Fraud, the nuclear deal with Iran and the Obama administration’s defense of it are full of deceptions and dishonesty.”

Of course, the deal was full of “deceptions and dishonesty.” Just take a look at the criminals who were involved. The Obama Administration provided false narratives to the media in order to applaud the horrid deal that they had made. On top of that, the Obama Administration provided $150 BILLION in sanctions relief directly to IRAN. Oh yeah, and one important thing wasn’t included in the deal. They never even mentioned to Iran anything about them attempting to gain nuclear bomb capabilities.

After all of this nonsense, on January 17th, 2016, the Obama Administration covertly sent $400 million to Iran. How did they send it? On an unmarked cargo plane… not sketchy at all. They exchanged the money for four Americans being held captive by Iran. Something is wrong with this picture. We shouldn’t have to pay the bad guys to give our citizens back. Another major issue with this exchange, Obama approved the release of seven Iranian terrorists that were being held captive by the U.S. Obama’s lying-self claimed that the money wasn’t ransom money… even though we all knew that it was. Later, the State Department made Obama out to be the liar he is when they confirmed that the money was, indeed, ransom money. On top of that, $1.3 BILLION more was given to Iran, just because. (Seriously guys, this was the guy in charge of the entire United States. Scary, isn’t it?)

To make the story even more ridiculous, Jewish News Service Yeshiva released a report explaining exactly where the money went that Obama had sent. It went right to a terrorist group, Hezbollah.

From the Jewish News Service Yeshiva:

According to a Saudi Arabian newspaper report on April 25th, Hezbollah had received $600 million worth of Iranian aid. The Al-Youm newspaper reported that the aid was transferred almost completely in hard cash, and is being used for the terror group’s institutions and salaries paid to its terrorists and their families.

Hezbollah is a terrorist organization that is headed by Hassan Nasrallah, its Secretary general. It was conceived by Muslim clerics and funded by Iran primarily to harass the Israelis who had entered Lebanon to increase stability in the north. Its leaders were followers of Ayatollah Khomeini, and its forces were trained and organized by a contingent of 1,500 Revolutionary Guards that arrived from Iran with permission from the Syrian government, which was in occupation of Lebanon at the time.

Hezbollah receives money from several sources including monies received from Shiite businessmen abroad, charity taxes, profit from Shiite websites in Iraq; and money received from Shiite imams in Iraq and abroad.

This nation was blessed when we elected Trump. He is finally acknowledging these terrorists and making them sh*t their pants.

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30 thoughts on “SEE IT!: Here is The $600 MILLION TERRORIST MONEY TRAIL That Leads Straight to BARACK OBAMA

  1. I had warned so often that Barack Hussein Obama II was a foreign-born illegal alien Muslim communist agent saboteur planted by the Democratic Communist Party (DCP) with a target in their agenda…. to destroy the United States economic system which had been supported by ignorant American citizens that voted for this unknown twice!

    From the very beginning I had investigated Barack Hussein Obama II and found that nothing was known about this joker except that he was born in Kenya, and then later, his mother had a frolic with a man from Indonesia where Barack Hussein Obama II attended Islamic school for three years as a boy.

    I happen to have in my possession an original copy of Barack Hussein Obama II’s birth certificate from Kenya with his paw print on it as well as other documents to support the falsehood that Obama II was born in Hawaii. His foreign birth was concealed by Nancy Pelosi Joseph Biden, and the Democratic Communist Party (DCP) in total control of the Hawaiian government.

    No one in government gave a damn about this foreign-born illegal alien Muslim communist agent saboteur in this country, and this is where Abraham Lincoln’s statement comes into play….

    “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” This means gullible Americans left their country and representatives unguarded to destroy our sovereign Republic of the United States of America from within just to get rich; called greed!

    USAF (RET)

    1. Another “link”; Frank, Barry’s tutor, teacher, (dad?), inspiration, idol, motivator, and good friends with Ann’s communist parents, hated America with the same passion ALL those in 0’B’s life did! In the forties, Frank joined forces with Vernon (ANOTHER America hater) Jarrett who ran the Communist-controlled Union in Chi! They were also in charge of membership solicitation for the CPUSA! Vernon’s future Dau-in-law was to become the Puppet shadow and helping his “creators” erase any trace of him! Unfortunately, enough “particles” in Archives that escaped the “On-line Laundry” were made a matter of public record and knowledge! But, for every weak yip of the puppies (Republicans, including the closet Democrats) tried to point this out, the louder Rotteweiler’s ( Nancy, Reid, Val, etc.) woofed and drowned them out! Communists brought in after VJ & FMD reigned trained half the
      Administration who took control in 2009! Czars took up the other half! Thank you for your service Sir! I have three sons ( 2 Ret.) and four grands, Dau-in-law, who served a total of 75+ years! Love our Military and all those who served and still are serving!

    2. MSGT Correa,
      Does 0bama really have a birth certificate? I have seen some documents floating around purporting to be his birth certificate, but I have my doubts. My reasoning is that Moslems do not like birth certificates, you can get by with that in Kenya, but not the US.
      For that reason, I have never wanted to see his birth certificate, but have wanted to see his Selective Service Registration and the passport he used for his 1980s world tour.
      I had written a letter to my ultra-liberal US Senator objecting to 0bama’s status as an Illegal Alien and received a condescending and sarcastic letter in return. Initially, I was pissed off but then I realized I had no need to be pissed because it told me what I wanted to know. The letter stated 0bama attended college in the US on a Fulbright scholarship. There are two types of Fulbright scholarships, one for Americans to study overseas and one for foreigners to attend college in the US.
      I believe Hillary discovered the truth about 0bama and refused to act on it. Both Hillary and McCain had the legal right and obligation to call 0bama’s status into question and both refused.
      That Indonesian that serviced 0bama’s mother and was also a Communist as were 0bama’s grandparents.

      I would like to discuss this in further detail.

      1. I would like to null out Obama’s Presidency, and get him to be tried in a US Court for subversion

    3. Until these investigations get further along they can’t TOUCH this “treasonous bastard! I pray that #AGBarr
      can see these things & do something about it… I don’t care about the violence on the streets once they take him in, we’ve already been dealing with this…#2A‼️
      This is an answer to Glenn…HELL NO HE HAS ‘NO’ American BIRTH CERTIFICATE !

      1. Obama will never be prosecuted for any of the crimes he committed. He’s black and he’s a Democrat. Hell Hillary has never been charged with any of her criminal activity. The FBI still covers for the deep state. Christopher Wray should be fired immediately. He is not turning over any information to AG Barr. An unelected bureaucrat is defying POTUS directive. None of these traitors will see prison time let alone Obama. It’s just a pipe dream. All this obvious evidence and not one has been indicted. Should have happened wins ago.

    4. You are one of the most brilliant men in this country and a great patriot. It is really great to see someone who knows the facts and is brave enough to post them. I wish we could get every American to read what you have written to enlighten them in their complete stupidity. It would be great if every newspaper around the world would print this on every front page as the main story. It would expose how evil the demonRats (what I call democrats that are trying to destroy this nation.) My father an immigrant joined the U.S. military in WWI to defend this country and came home totally disabled declared by act of Congress in 1923. All he did and all of our military that fought for this country for is being destroyed for power by demonRats . Evil is rotten and out to destroy western culture and that is why they hate President Trump because he stopped them. What the demonRats are doing to America is the same thing they did to the Roman Catholic Church with Vatican, II. They destroyed the Latin Mass given to the Apostles on Pentecost Sunday and put in a play service and all morals have gone to hell. You rarely hear of a young person having a Christian name or even going to church. You rarely hear of shootings especially mass shooting like today. In the 1950’s and even 1960’s there were really none and then Vatican, II destroyed the worlds morals by letting fresh air from the loony left. You rarely see a Catholic having a so called Mass when they die, read the obituaries. Karl Marks said, (Something like this) Destroy the Roman Catholic Church and you destroy all morals and scruples.

  2. There is every reason to believe the $400M the Obama Administration transferred to Iran was not part of an exchange but part of an elaborate kickback scheme. The Iranians implicated the negotiators of JCPOA after President Trump withdrew from the deal. The Iranians furious with US withdrawal from the deal threaten to expose all who received kickbacks and the amounts, which could explain why John Kerry among other Obama Administration officials are meeting with and working back channels with the Iranians.

    Damage control, as well as a violation of the Logan Act.

  3. IIRC barky and his merry band of minions claimed that they were simply ‘returning’ money that had been frozen and in ‘reality’ (in what world?) ‘belonged’ to the iranians. IF that is true, why the skulduggery in doing that return? I suspect that any reasonable court – even one by the UN would have ordered that money seized and put into a fund to pay for damages done to any and all nations that had – and are still being – harmed by iranian actions.Money doesn’t make up for the loss of 500+ US service members but the iranaian certainly had no business having those assets returned.

  4. Our justice system sucks ! Obama and Hillary both guilty of Treason and they’re still walking around Free ?

    When will we see Justice Served ?

    1. I think in The USA and Canada, the word treason has disappeared into the history books. We have a convicted Muslim, who is Canadian, who threw a grenade at USA forces after a firefight killing 1 US Soldier and Blinding another, who lives in Canada now and our Idiotic Government gave him 10.5 million Canadian Dollars. Now I call what he did was treason, he left Canad, went to Afganistan, fought with the forces fighting the Americans, Our Allies. Then he badly wounded, take to Cuba, the US Base there, and pleads guilty. This Guy is the biggest Trader I have ever seen and by throwing that grenade, he should have by the Canadian Justice system, charged with Treason

  5. No one should be surprised by any of this. The Shah of Iran was an ally of the U.S. Carter disposed of the Shah, in favor of the Ayatollah. Brain dead and antisemitic Jimmy Carter thought that the Ayatollah would be the new Gandhi of Iran. Carter must have had his head up a horse’s ass. Boy was he wrong. Carter single handily cause the Islamic Revolution in Iran. I hope your proud of yourself Jimmy. To make matters worse, American voters get propagandized by the liberal commie Democratic party and Marxist extraordinaire Muslim Prick Obama, who not only hates America and Israel, and is made the the next president, which doesn’t say much for the intelligence of the Democratic voter, and it doesn’t say much for 75% of the American Jewish Community that voted for Obama not once but twice, for a president that hates Israel.

  6. Meanwhile this is what is going on created by the democrats and soros.
    There are many stupid, ignorant voters in the U.S. that for freebies, out of stupidity, and ignorance take soros and democrat monies and propaganda to elect America hating idiots.
    See if these names have an echoing sound and party affiliation.
    The Trojan Horse Has Arrived!
    thanks to CS
    That’s the plan

    have kids ,
    infiltrate ,
    TAKE OVER…………

    Subject: The Trojan Horse has arrived

    This should scare the hell out of you.
    Sharia Law is here!
    How Many Muslims Won Political Office
    Rashida Tlaib (D) MI 13th Congressional District WON
    Keith Ellison (D) MN Attorney General WON
    Ilhan Omar (D) MN 5th Congressional District WON
    Andre Carson (D) IN 7th Congressional District WON
    Sheikh Rahman (D) GA State Senate District 5 WON
    Safiya Wazir (D) NH State House Merrimack 17 District WON
    Robert Jackson (D) NY State Senate District 31 WON
    Nasif Majeed (D) NC State House District 99 WON
    Mujtaba Mohammed (D) NC State Senate District 38 WON
    Mohamud Noor (D) MN State House District 60B WON
    Jason Dawkins (D) PA State House District 179 WON
    Hodan Hassan (D) MN State House District 62A WON
    Charles Fall (D) NY State House District 61 WON
    Ako Abdul-Samad (D) IA State House District 35 WON
    Aboul Khan (R) NH State House Rockingham 20 District WON
    Abdullah Hammoud (D) MI State House District 15 WON
    Abbas Akhil (D) NM State House District 20 WON
    Sam Baydoun (D) MI Wayne County Commission District 13 WON
    Sadia Gul Covert (D) IL Dupage County Board District 5 WON
    Sabina Taj MD Howard County Board of Education WON
    Mohammad Ramadan NJ Passaic County Board of Education WON
    Cheryl Sudduth CA West County Wastewater District Director WON
    Babur Lateef VA Prince William County School Board WON
    Assad Akhter (D) NJ Passaic County Board of Chosen Freeholders WON
    Abdul “Al” Haidous (D) MI Wayne County Commission District 11 WON
    Salman Bhojani TX Euless City Council Place 6 WON*
    Dawn Haynes NJ Newark Public Schools School Board WON*
    Yasir Khogali MI City of Plymouth District Library Board WON
    Mohamed Khairullah NJ Prospect Park Mayor WON
    Mohamed Al-Hamdani OH Dayton Public Schools Board of Education WON
    Mo Seifeldein VA Alexandria City Council WON
    Maimona Afzal Berta CA Franklin-McKinley School Board WON
    Jihan Aiyash MI Hamtramck Public School Board WON
    Javed Ellahie CA Monte Sereno City Council WON
    Hazim Yassin NJ Red Bank City Council WON
    Haseeb Javed VA Manassas Park City Council WON
    Farrah Khan CA Irvine City Council WON
    Ali Taj CA Artesia City Council WON
    Alaa Matari NJ Prospect Park Borough Council WON
    Alaa “Al” Abdel-Aziz NJ Paterson City Council Ward 6 WON
    Aisha Wahab CA Hayward City Council WON
    Ahmad Zahra CA Fullerton City Council District 5 WON
    Salim Patel NJ Passaic City Council WIN
    Sabina Zafar CA San Ramon City Council WIN
    Shahabuddeen Ally NYC Civil Court, NY County WON
    Sam Salamey MI District Courts, District 19 WON
    Rabeea Collier TX District Courts, 113th District WON
    Hali Dhanidina CA Court of Appeal, Second Appellate District, Division Three WON
    George Abdallah Jr. CA Superior Court of San Joaquin County, Office 12 WON
    Adel A. Harb MI Wayne County Circuit Court WON
    In breaking these down by state.
    Cheryl Sudduth – West County Wastewater District Director
    George Abdallah Jr. – Superior Court of San Joaquin County, Office 12
    Halim Dhanidina – Court of Appeal, Second Appellate District, Division Three
    Maimona Afzal Berta – Franklin-McKinley Board of Education
    Javed Ellahie – Monte Sereno City Council
    Al Jabbar – Anaheim Union High School District Board of Trustees
    Ahmad Zahra – Fullerton City Council District 5
    Aisha Wahab – Hayward City Council
    Ali Taj – Artesia City Council
    Farrah Khan – Irvine City Council
    Sabina Zafar – San Ramon City Council
    Amira Dajani Fox (R) – State Attorney
    Sheikh Rahman (D) – State Senate District 5
    Sadia Gul Covert (D) – Dupage County Board District 5
    Andre Carson (D) – 7th Congressional District
    Ako Abdul-Samad (D) – State House District 35
    Sabina Taj – Howard County Board of Education
    Rashida Tlaib (D) – 13th Congressional District
    Abdullah Hammoud (D) – State House District 15
    Abdul “Al” Haidous (D) – Wayne County Commission District 11
    Sam Baydoun (D) – Wayne County Commission District 13
    Adel A. Harb – Wayne County Circuit Court
    Sam Salamey – District Courts, District 19
    Ilhan Omar (D) – 5th Congressional District
    Keith Ellison (D) – Attorney General
    Hodan Hassan (D) – State House District 62A
    Mohamud Noor (D) – State House District 60B
    Siad Ali (D) – District 3 member of the Minneapolis Board of Education
    New Hampshire
    Aboul Khan (R) – State House Rockingham 20 District
    Safiya Wazir (D) – State House Merrimack 17 District
    New Jersey
    Assad Akhter (D) – Passaic County Board of Chosen Freeholders
    Alaa “Al” Abdel-Aziz – Paterson City Council Ward 6
    Mohammad Ramadan – Passaic County Board of Education
    Alaa Matari – Prospect Park Borough Council
    Dawn Haynes – Newark Public Schools School Board
    Hazim Yassin – Red Bank City Council
    Mohamed Khairullah – Prospect Park Mayor
    Salim Patel – Passaic City Council
    New Mexico
    Abbas Akhil (D) – State House District 20
    New York
    Charles Fall (D) – State House District 61
    Robert Jackson (D) – State Senate District 3
    Shahabuddeen Ally – NYC Civil Court, NY County
    North Carolina
    Mujtaba Mohammed (D) – State Senate District 38
    Nasif Majeed (D) – State House District 99
    Mohamed Al-Hamdani – Dayton Public Schools Board of Education
    Jason Dawkins (D) – State House District 179
    Rabeea Collier – District Courts, 113th District
    Salman Bhojani – Euless City Council Place 6
    Babur Lateef – Prince William County School Board
    Haseeb Javed – Manassas Park City Council
    Mo Seifeldein – Alexandria City Council
    Those judiciary wins are extremely significant considering how judges don’t seem to be concerned about the Constitution anymore and look to foreign law and “precedent” in many of their rulings.
    However, numbers from a report by Hamas-CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) in coordination with JETPAC indicates that a high percentage of Muslims voted in 2018.
    The report claims:
    97% of Muslim voters participated in this year’s midterm election.
    • 88% of Muslim voters primarily voted for the Democratic Party candidates and 17% for Republican Party candidates.
    • 56% of Muslim voters consider themselves liberal on social issues, while 26% consider themselves conservative.
    • 33% of Muslim voters consider themselves fiscally conservative, while 50% consider themselves liberal.
    • 26% of Muslim voters who primarily voted for Democratic candidates perceived themselves as being conservative on social issues. Moreover, 36% perceived themselves as being fiscally conservative.
    • 78% of Muslim voters thought Islamophobia and anti-Muslim sentiment in the U.S. increased while 17% thought it decreased in the past year.
    • 88% of Muslim voters who primarily voted for Democratic Party candidates thought Islamophobia increased in the past year. Conversely, only 33% of Muslim voters who primarily voted for Republican Party candidates thought Islamophobia increased in the past year.
    • 53% of Muslim voters became more interested in politics since the 2016 presidential election, while 34% maintained the same level of interest in politics and 13% became less interested in politics.
    • 65% of Muslim voters have become more actively involved in politics and/or civically engaged since the 2016 presidential election, while 25% have not.
    • Out of those Muslim voters who have become more actively involved in politics and/or civically engaged since 2016 presidential election
    • 50% have primarily donated money to a political or social campaign.
    • 55% have primarily donated their time by volunteering with a local charity or civic-minded or religious organization.
    • 48% have primarily donated their expertise by using their skills and/or network to advance social/political engagement.

    • 27% have primarily been involved in another way.

    If people don’t think they have an agenda to conform America to Islam, they really do need to pull their heads out of the sand.

    1. Good for them. They bleed just like everyone else. This is exactly why every law abiding citizen and gun owner should own an AR-15. There is going to be a time when you will need it for the foreseeable future. This country is going to be ripe for a 2nd American Revolution or civil war, and the liberal commie democrats have no one to blame but themselves. The illiterate, gullible Democratic voters can’t see what is coming for the future. Keep the liberal commie Democrats out of office. The Nations survival depends on it. if the Democrats seize the gov’t in 2020, you can throw your Constitution in the toilet, the liberal commie Democrats don’t believe in the Constitution. Your Liberties and Freedoms will be what the Democrats want it to be.

  7. Muslims are the scourge on this earth, and should not be allowed to infiltrate into the USA. Looking at how they are infiltrating all office Fed/State/School, they are covering their bases very well, set to strike against the USA as soon as they feel it’s ripe to do so. And our government is doing nothing to stop this. Trump tried to ban Muslims, but obviously they have a strong lobby, and squashed it.

  8. All of the democrat liberal, progressive, communist, Muslim, establishment all over America’s institutions having
    perverted them to set up for the downfall of this great nation enabling them to establish a caliphate. As a reminder, the 1st amendment allows them to use evil means to accomplish their goal. The 1st amendment is ambiguous where as even constitutional attorneys argue the interpretation of the law. What is ironic of the 1st amendment, is one cannot yell ” Fire ” in a crowded theater, but can use the means of the constitution to all out
    destroy America. The old saying is, ” Evil will prevail, when good men do nothing”, I guess that answers to the question of are we a divided nation? I am more American than most claim to be.

  9. I am stunned again with how much evil and stupidly Obama brought to the Presidency!! Thank you for calling to my attention again how many muslims have infiltrated our government and I know their intent and goal is to take our country from us! I watch people try to pretend that muslim is just a religion but If you watch and listen you can tell it is a movement to rule the world! I believe Trump was given to the American people to try and save us! Stand behind our President Trump and weed out those that do not!

  10. Why hasn’t TRUMP taken down the Fraudulent/Muslim/Infiltrator/Squatter in our White House, that goes by Barrack Obama? There’s enough against this man, whoever he really is, to place him in GITMO(his favorite place). He’s enjoyed living like a king for way too long, why hasn’t TRUMP taken him out????? He needs to be made an example of; Barrack Obama, should be awaiting the, “FIRING SQUAD”. CASE CLOSED.

    We still have a Federal Death Penalty for Treason, why is it not used. Why aren’t our laws enforced?


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