Wife Fighting with Husband Over Who Gets The ‘Last Beer’ Shoots Him Dead—Then Texts Friend a Pic


Crazy wife murders her husband over a burnt casserole or drinking the last beer… or it was suicide??

Police and paramedics arrive on a scene where a man was shot in the forehead and his wife claimed that he committed suicide.

Teresa Drum, wife of the victim, then said they got into a fight over her burning a casserole and he pulled the gun from a holster, they both had their fingers on the trigger and it went off. Then she said she drank 7 beers and he got mad that she drank the last one so he pulled the gun out and when she pushed it away it went off.

This lady should just stick with the truth. She is a horrible liar! She then mentioned sending a picture of her dead husband to her friend, in which he had no gun in his hands. Further more, she took a shower before calling police and reporting the shooting.

The really sad thing about this crime is that their 2 children were home through the whole thing.

From IJR:

Despite her ever-changing story, Teresa Drum has been charged with criminal homicide in the death of her husband.

Her preliminary hearing is set for March 8.

All for a supposed beer… or a burnt casserole, or whatever… now we get to support her sorry butt when she is in prison, 3 meals, health care, and a place to sleep, but our vets get crap.

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