WHOA: Salon Owner ADMITS He’s Been Putting Glue In Their Hair For Years…


A Houston, Texas, salon owner has taken the internet by storm with a TikTok video that reveals his unique secret to success – using Gorilla glue to secure hair extensions.

Eric Vaughn has admitted to employing the potent adhesive in his salon for nearly a decade, but only for attaching extensions and never directly onto a client’s hair or scalp. The video’s release follows the infamous incident of Louisiana mother Tessica Brown, who mistakenly used Gorilla Glue as hairspray and ended up with a permanent hairstyle for an entire month.

Brown eventually sought help from a surgeon to remove the adhesive, but the procedure proved quite painful. On the other hand, Vaughn has been using Gorilla Glue in his salon for around ten years to ensure hair extensions remain firmly in place. The industrial-strength glue has been the ideal solution to achieve his goal.

Vaughn’s TikTok video, captioned “Gorilla Glue on blonde hair?!?!?”, attracted widespread attention. In it, he clarifies that while the post may seem sensational, he only uses the glue to attach hair extensions and not on the client’s actual hair or scalp. This approach avoids any discomfort for his clients and eliminates the need for a painful removal process.

Vaughn explains in the viral video, “So I’ve been using Gorilla Glue in people’s hair for years, but this is the only way you should ever use it — at the end of a sew-in.” Holding up a bottle of the adhesive, he continues, “I’ll take my threads and knot them together, take a tiny little dot of Gorilla Glue, and blow dry.”

He goes on to demonstrate the process, applying a drop of Gorilla Glue to the end of the artificial hair and securing it against the knot. “That knot is going nowhere,” he asserts, adding a word of caution, “But don’t put this on your actual hair, OK?”

Vaughn’s Gorilla Glue video, perhaps due to its timing following Brown’s unfortunate hair incident, quickly went viral. It has garnered more than 333,000 views on TikTok.

However, not all responses have been positive, with many commenters suggesting that Vaughn should refrain from using Gorilla Glue on his clients’ hair.

One critic questioned, “You really out here asking to get your license taken away?”

Another person chimed in, “Oh hell no, you don’t even need it for that.”

A third individual recalled Brown’s mishap, saying, “Didn’t we learn our lesson with the other girl?”

Lastly, a fourth commenter declared, “I say no more gorilla glue in the hair, period.”

WATCH the video below for more details:

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