WHOA! Major City CAUGHT Spying On Citizens With Secret Cameras And Microphones At…


Green Bay city officials were accused of spying on its citizens by installing secret video and microphone recording devices on City Hall’s first and second floors.

The installation of secret recording devices in Green Bay City Hall raises serious concerns about privacy and the right to be free from government surveillance.

Republican state Sen. Andre Jacque of De Pere told the newspaper for a story published Thursday that he was stunned to learn about the equipment and has demanded Mayor Eric Genrich remove it.

According to records obtained by Star News Network, at least three audio recording devices were installed in City Hall without the knowledge of the City Council or the public.

Alderman Chris Wery discovered the spying equipment last year and is calling for its removal to protect the privacy of those entering the building. He says that many citizens, employees, and elected officials were unaware of the recording devices and are now concerned about their right to privacy.

Local WFRV Local 5 reported:

More details of this spying incident from the “We Are Green Bay” report.

Recording devices can be found on the first and second floors of Green Bay’s City Hall. Alderman Christopher Wery is acknowledging the devices and asking that they be removed for the privacy of those entering the building.

“I have a public service announcement, it has come to my attention that citizens, employees, and elected officials are being spied on in City Hall,” said Alderman Christopher Wery.

Without public knowledge, cameras and microphones were placed inside Green Bay’s City Hall. Concerns regarding the right to privacy are the issue with the cameras and microphones. Wery says many were unaware of them being recorded.

It is important for the government to respect citizens’ right to privacy and not engage in intrusive surveillance practices without proper justification and public oversight.

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