What Pizza Hut Just Said About Police Officers Will Make You See Red!


A Shill man Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center and an investigative journalist/writer, Daniel Greenfield, is focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism, said that Pizza Hut Foundation plans to teach your children that America is a terrible racist country when they’re not destroying the reputation of pizza with their poor imitation of pizza.

They’re helping create training materials for the classroom that teaches little 10-year olds that they should dwell on the dreary question of “How often have you thought about your race in the last 24 hours?”

They also have pamphlets claiming that by “6 months, babies notice racial differences” and that 4-year-olds “show signs of racial bias.”

The Empowering Educators Toolbox presented by the Pizza Hut Foundation urges teachers to tell their students that everyone is defined by race, that “everyone has a racial identity”, and that race defines American life.

You must believe America is built on slavery and genocide, neither of which is true in any way. Not to minimize the evil of slavery in the early 1800s but what about the trafficking and sex slavery we are importing across our open borders. In fact, Biden’s regime is a cartel ally.

In other words, white people are evil racists and the founding of this country was built on racism.

When Pizza Hut isn’t serving up junk food, it’s serving up junk history and junk factoids.

A Challenging Conversations pamphlet claims that the “police force is the sixth leading cause of death for black men.”

However, according to the CDC, it’s actually diabetes. But it’s understandable that Pizza Hut, which makes millions giving black men heart disease, strokes, and diabetes, wants to blame the cops who are the only people keeping the underpaid employees of their struggling franchises alive.

1,055 people were shot and killed by police officers in 2021. 234 of them were white and only 139 were black. 632 of those who were shot were waving guns. Only 34 were unarmed.

459,540 black people died in 2020. With heart disease, strokes, hypertension, and diabetes accounting for around 30% of deaths, Pizza Hut and the rest of the Yum! Brands’ family probably kills more black men in one day than every single police shooting in a century combined.

Not satisfied with being blamed for Michael Jordan’s food poisoning during the 1997 NBA finals, Pizza Hut’s handout to teachers’ rants about “white privilege” quotes a false claim that white teachers who refuse to “recognize their privilege” are harming their students.

The hateful pamphlet also promotes demands for race reparations by millionaire racist author Ta-Nehisi Coates who wrote that the police officers and firefighters who died on September 11 “were not human to me.”

“Science has proven that race is not biological,” insists a pamphlet for teachers produced by a fast-food chain that understands science almost as well as it knows history and cooking.

Pizza Hut’s bad education materials come in three flavors, racist lies, woke lies, and lies that could be easily disproven if someone is involved in the racist pamphlets, which also promote fact-checking and warn against “misinformation”, bothered to spend 30 seconds on Google.

For example, the Pizza Hut indoctrination pamphlet falsely claims that the Atlanta spa shootings were a hate crime against Asian people. The shooter was actually struggling with sex addiction and was never charged with a hate crime.

Anti-bias, antiracist instruction should happen year-round,” Pizza Hut demands.

The obvious question is why is Pizza Hut trying to poison kids in a whole new way?

The answer, as Pizza Hut’s new Chief Equity Officer Chequan Lewis said, is equity.

“Pizza Hut is introducing a new chapter in our long-standing commitment to literacy – focused on the intersection of equity and education,” Lewis said.

Literacy now means corporations turning kids into Marxists at shareholder expense.

Pizza Hut’s Literacy Project emphasizes Young Activists. “Find amazing examples of activism and get your students involved,” a program backed by a garbage pizza chain insists.

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  1. We quit buying from Pissa hut years ago. we can get pizza that is just as good elsewhere, including the grocery store. Also our Casey’s gas stations sell great pizzas. Nobody out idiots the Hut.

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