What Michigan’s Crooked Governor Did Will Mean ANOTHER Stolen Election!


Crooked Democrats are playing dirty again, while Americans want fair and free elections and the truth about the 2020 Election – Whitmer is busy digging at her backyard to bury it, and even blocked any laws that might be used to expose it.

Michigan continues to play politics while Americans want fair and free elections and the truth about the 2020 Election.

They know there are loopholes on their organized massive 2020 corrupted election – so to avoid it from being exposed, Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer vetoed two bills that would have made elections in Michigan more secure and accurate.

Governor Whitmer oversaw COVID in the state and the 2020 Election, two major fails for freedom in the state.

Here’s an excerpt from a Fox News report about this issue:

Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer vetoed two Republican-backed election bills, arguing they “fail to advance” secure elections. Whitmer oversaw the corrupted election of 2020, 

“How do we provide safe and secure elections in our state if the governor can’t even agree that we should be ensuring dead people aren’t on our voting rolls?” a sponsor of one the bills, Republican state Sen. Michael MacDonald, said in a statement following Whitmer’s vetoes on Friday.

One of the vetoed bills would have revised the administrative process for removing dead people from voter lists and required more frequent checks during the 45-day period before an election.

The bill passed through the state Senate and House with bipartisan support, and some clerks said the change would be welcomed.

Ingham County Clerk Barb Byrum told the Detroit Free Press she had testified in favor of the change and said Friday she still supports the concept but had not discussed the veto with Whitmer…

…The other vetoed bill would have required the state elections board to canvass signatures for an initiative petition within 100 days of the filing. It currently must make a determination no more than 100 days before the election in which the proposal would appear on the ballot.

This is how Democratic cults work, once their fraud doings are exposed to the public, they will do everything to cover it. And these actions overall are very disappointing and disgusting to Americans who saw the mess that took place in Michigan during the 2020 Election.

This state had clear election fraud and violations but the Republicans in the state were unfortunately in on it too. They issued a statement after the election that looked like it was written by George Soros himself.

These minuscule actions by the Republicans vetoed by Whitmer are an effort toby the Republicans to show to their constituents that they are doing something about the fraudulent 2020 Election but they fail. No one is buying it. Governor Whitmer no doubt laughs vetoing these pathetic efforts by the Republicans to stay relevant.

Michigan was stolen. The whole country knows it. The current gangs of Democrats and Republicans have decided never to get to the truth. It tells you all you need to know about them all.

Sources: TheGatewayPundit, Fox News

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  1. So Michigan legislators, get your act together and over ride her veto. That’s how it works in a democracy.

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