What Happened To Her After They Made Her Run Against Trans Athletes Is Heartbreaking!


For former Connecticut track star Chelsea Mitchell, competing against transgender athletes — biological males — was “devastating.”

Mitchell opened up about her past experience in an editorial published Sunday in USA Today. She explained why she and three other athletes filed a lawsuit last year against the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference over the state’s decision to allow transgender athletes to compete on the teams that correlate with their determined sex and gender identity.

Mitchell competed against biologically male athletes for most of her high school career and said that continuous losses to those trans athletes were demoralizing to her and other girls in the sport.

She expressed how crushing it was to lose “four women’s state championship titles, two all-New England awards, and numerous other spots on the podium to male runners. I was bumped to third place in the 55-meter dash in 2019, behind two male runners. With every loss, it gets harder and harder to try again.”

“That’s a devastating experience. It tells me that I’m not good enough; that my body isn’t good enough; and that no matter how hard I work, I am unlikely to succeed because I’m a woman,” she added.

Mitchell and fellow female high school athletes Alanna Smith, Selina Soule, Ashley Nicoletti sued CIAC in February 2020 for allowing two biological males, transgender students Andraya Yearwood and Terry Miller, to compete in girls track and field competitions. A federal district judge dismissed the lawsuit in April, ruling that the question was moot since Yearwood and Miller had graduated and were no longer competing in high school sports.

Mitchell intends to appeal the judge’s decision, however. While they competed, Yearwood and Miller dominated Connecticut high school girls track. As Mitchell writes:

The CIAC allows biological males to compete in girls’ and women’s sports. As a result, two males began racing in girls’ tracks in 2017. In 2017, 2018, and 2019 seasons alone, these males took 15 women’s state track championship titles (titles held in 2016 by nine different girls) and more than 85 opportunities to participate in higher-level competitions that belonged to female track athletes.

That’s because males have massive physical advantages. Their bodies are simply bigger and stronger on average than female bodies. It’s obvious to every single girl on the track.

The repeated losses to biologically male athletes chip “away at women’s confidence and our belief in our own abilities,” Mitchell continued. She went on to point out that the trans athletes may have cost female athletes opportunities to play their sport at the next level, as well.

“[CIAC’s policy on transgender athletes] robs girls of the chance to race in front of college scouts who show up for elite meets, and to compete for the scholarships and opportunities that come with college recruitment,” Mitchell said. “I’ll never know how my own college recruitment was impacted by losing those four state championship titles to a male. When colleges looked at my record, they didn’t see the fastest girl in Connecticut. They saw a second- or third-place runner.”

Mitchell ended the op-ed promising to appeal the court’s decision and continue her fight to protect the integrity of high school girls’ sports.

“We’re taking our case to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit, where we are going to ask once again for the court to recognize our right to fair competition — a right that Title IX has promised to girls and women for 50 years,” Mitchell said.

Sources: DailyWire, USA Today

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  1. I pray there is a supreme court that will recognize the foolishness of allowing men to compete against women. Otherwise you could have men who say they feel like a child and dress like a child and since we don’t want to discriminate based on age or sex would be allowed to compete against children. This madness needs to stop.

  2. The pervert Democrats and their Trans lovefest must stop.Women will never be men and men will never be women,just look at Bidens pick to the administration

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