What Biden’s Press Secretary Just Said About Illegal Aliens Is Absolutely INSANE!


The thing about the people in the Biden Administration is you have to wonder how many of them check their morals at the door.

I mean, you have someone that is going to be working for a guy that got his job by sheer will of cheating and nothing else. Sorry, no way he would have been able to beat Trump fairly.

Anyway, you start working for someone long enough and eventually you end up thinking the way that they think to the point that if they told you to say something on their behalf they wouldn’t even have to tell you what to say.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki explains why the Biden caliphate is willing to keep criminal illegal aliens in the country. It’s because their illegal vote counts exactly the same as a vote from a law-abiding illegal alien.

On average, over 4,000 Americans are killed by illegal aliens either by murder or during DUI accidents. The Biden administration does not want these criminals deported.

Psaki claims that ICE should concentrate on illegal aliens who pose a national security threat. She says that the illegals should be punished for their crimes but that a criminal record should not be the basis for deportation.

Many Democrats feel that a DUI is not a major crime even though many DUIs result in deaths. The same goes for assaults and even many sex crimes. During the Obama regime even some murderers were not deported.

Psaki said:

“The priority for the enforcement of immigration laws will be on those who are imposing a national security threat, of course, a public safety threat, and on recent arrivals.”

“Nobody is saying that DUIs or assaults are acceptable behavior, and those arrested for such activities should be tried and sentenced as appropriate by local law enforcement. But we’re talking about the prioritization of who is going to be deported from the country.”

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5 thoughts on “What Biden’s Press Secretary Just Said About Illegal Aliens Is Absolutely INSANE!

  1. Psaki, a notoriously skilled liar, was removed from the Obama platform for her dareing lies. Very sad to see her seated by Biden. Deception is now full on.

  2. One has to wonder is this girl willfully STUPID or was she born this way ? Her comment is absolutely the dumbest statement ever spoken about voting rights . What’s next , it will be ok for them to invade your home because they need a place to live ? I think she was picked for this job because she is as dumb as Joe !

    1. not ‘DUMB’ as joe …..but……as ‘STUPID’ as joe……..

      both are DISGUSTING pieces of CHCKEN S-H-I-T……..

  3. Psaki spewing democrat drivel as Bumbler opens the flood gates for illegal aliens so they can vote for more wacko democrats.
    You commit any crime, especially a felony, you should be deported if you’re an illegal alien. An illegal alien is already a law breaker when they entered the US illegally and any crime after that means the alien is two time loser. Yes they should serve their sentence but as soon as they serve their sentence they should be deported.

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