What Another World Leader Just Said About Biden Will End Sleepy Joe!


I think Biden has chosen the wrong career, politics is not for him. I mean, he is weak and manipulative. Plus he has dementia, this old man needs to rest.

After his debacles, everything is just going back to him from GOP politicians, artists, and now even foreign political leaders have something to say about him.

He’s a national embarrassment… Well, wait, He just upgraded, it’s now International.

A Reuters fact check previously debunked the idea that Biden dozed off after social media users shared a video clip of the U.S. president that they said showed him looking down and nodding off as Bennett spoke in the Oval Office.

The clip that was shared around was misleadingly cropped, according to the Reuters fact check. Seconds after the clip was cut, longer footage showed Biden responded to Bennett.

Former premier Benjamin Netanyahu was on a Facebook live on Saturday and giving a deriding impression of an apparently snoozing US President Joe Biden. Netanyahu was only regurgitating a debunked claim that the American leader fell asleep during a meeting with Prime Minister Naftali Bennett at the White House last month.

“I heard that Biden was very attentive, very, very attentive during the meeting,” while chuckling on the live feed.

He lowered his head in agreement and smirked. lol

Can you imagine how these Dems funding these Israel’s then they make fun of us?

In June, a new government of left-wing, centrist, right-wing, and Arab parties led by Bennett replaced Netanyahu’s administration, ending the conservative politician’s 12-year run as Israel’s longest-serving leader.

Now in opposition, Netanyahu has promised to govern again.

Maybe this is just a good sign of bad governance. Can somebody tell Biden that this is a wake-up call?

Joe Biden seems to really have fun in failing, his ship has been sinking. He should probably step down now before it’s too late.

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