What A Former CNN Employee Just Revealed Will Cripple Them!


Even though Chris Cuomo covertly coached brother Andrew Cuomo on how to handle several charges of sexual harassment, the “Cuomo Prime Time” anchor keeps his lucrative job because CNN has no ethical standards, according to a former staffer.

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Hey, welcome in. Well, here’s some news that’s of absolutely no surprise to anybody. What’s the headline a former CNN employee says outlet has no real ethical code? Well, that’s a shocker. In other news, drinking poison is bad for you. And what are they saying despite revelations that Chris Cuomo secretly advised brother Andrew Cuomo, on how to handle multiple allegations of harassment. At the Cuomo primetime host still has his cushy job for one reason, according to a former employee, CNN has no ethical standards.


And I guess you can add to that, that they don’t have any viewers either CNN rating stamp 70%, without Trump from May 27. So I wonder if the ratings boost they got from Trump was just because people wanted to hate Trump and they reliably gave them reasons to hate Trump, whether they work or not. Because without Trump, they’re not very interested in what CNN has to say. Let’s see. Anyway, it says most news outlets have well developed guidelines laying down red lines governing appropriate journalistic behavior. Well, those are all out the window for everybody now in the mainstream media anyway, isn’t it? I mean, New York Times if, you know if the if the editor publishes a story that the staff don’t like they all go into revolt. If anything’s published that’s not woke, they get really cross and do the usual screaming and crying until they get their way. Just going to interrupt for one second to say if you like this content, subscribe so you can see more Thanks a lot. But anyway, there’s supposed to be guidelines for appropriate journalistic behavior supposed to be anyway, it says National Public Radio’s code, for instance, says quite bluntly, that NPR journalist may not participate in marches and rallies, concerning issues that NPR covers, which is pretty much everything doesn’t stop NPR from doesn’t stop NPR from being completely biased. But okay. says quote, a journalist can be fired for violating an employer’s ethical rules. And that’s from the Society of Professional Journalists. But anyway, that won’t happen at CNN because it has no such code. According to a former CNN employee, quote, you won’t see any rules that are etched in stone so that a violation could be a firing offense. That’s from Steve Holmes, who spent a decade at CNN before retiring two years ago. They can’t say that Cuomo violated any written policies, because there aren’t any period. And I guess whatever their policies actually are, CNN doesn’t want you to see him because it says here, CNN actually fought a legal battle in Florida three years ago to keep its editorial guidelines secret.

The few excerpts that the cable news network had to release were marked attorneys eyes only barring even the parties involved in the lawsuit from reading them. So nobody knows. But we know we do know, though, right? There aren’t any. It’s just say whatever you think is going to get eyeballs back on them again. And right now they’re in a low because there’s no Trump, but they’re going to try and find something or somebody. Don’t just keep as long as it’s leftist. Right. As long as it’s leftist. They’ll just keep experiments, you can totally find the right mix. But obviously, specifically here, they’re talking about Chris Cuomo and his relationship with his brother, the governor of New York and how it’s just obviously utterly corrupt. I mean, it’s a pretty simple fix. He should just not have anything to do with covering his brother. He shouldn’t be interviewing him. He shouldn’t be talking about any of the stories related to his brother, especially the giant scandals surrounding him, which of course, include harassment and, and sending c 19 positive seniors into nursing homes, which seems obviously insane, and I don’t know criminal, maybe. Anyway, it says here. It’s not clear how Chris Cuomo his actions are affected by the guidelines. Cuomo responded to the revelation regarding him and his brother broken by the Washington Post by offering an on air apology to his viewers and colleagues. It was a mistake.

He said, I’m truly sorry. And just to reiterate here, what they’re talking about is Chris Cuomo secretly advised his brother Andrew Cuomo, on how to handle multiple allegations of harassment. So you’re really not supposed to be doing that. But I guess it’s all fine because he’s saying that it was a mistake, and that he’s truly sorry. But anyway, he also had defended himself on the grounds that quote, I’ve never tried to influence this networks coverage of my brother. I wonder if you could just do that by covering them yourself. I wonder if that’s a way that you could influence the network’s coverage by just directly cover Bring him in a fraudulent way and an unethical way. I don’t know. But anyway, he admits to advising his brother. And those on the call told the post that he guided his brother on how to respond to media questions. And the reporters who would know most intimately would be those on CNN. I don’t know. They just seems like just normal CNN, is this surprising. It’s not surprising at all. So are there consequences for this? Well, the network greeted the news by immediately announcing that Cuomo would suffer no consequences.


Of course, although several of his colleagues complained about his actions publicly or privately. So let’s see Brian Stelter from CNN. He said something which is very surprising. He said, if Chris Cuomo wants to call into strategy sessions with his brother’s aides, shouldn’t he take a leave of absence from CNN? Well, I tell you what, Brian, that’s gonna get you thrown down a flight of stairs by Chris Cuomo. He’s got a little bit of an anger problem apparently. And also Brian Stelter, you’re the last one he should be talking, but it is nice that he took a few moments away from obsessing about Tucker Carlson, so that’s good. probably good for his mental health. Let’s see Jake Tapper. Jake Tapper, also had scathing words for Cuomo his actions in the New York Times last Thursday. He said, quote, Chris, in his apology that he delivered on air said that he put us in a bad spot. And I would agree with that.

He continued, we all reflect on each other. Well, I for one, just want to thank Jake Tapper for all of his hard work to be fair and ethical and not cross lines. You know, lo these many years. And just to not do things like say, Well, here’s the headline, CNN is Jake Tapper doesn’t think the media got anything wrong, while covering Russia investigation for 2019. So Trump said the media was so wrong for so long, then their coverage of the Russia investigation. What did Jake Tapper say in response to that? Well, he said, quote, I’m not sure what you’re saying the media got wrong. He said, quote, the media reported the investigation was ongoing, other than the people in the media on the left, not on this network. I don’t know anybody who got anything wrong. We didn’t say there was a conspiracy. We said that Muller was investigating conspiracy. yet. That’s all that happened. They just reported in partially and partially on the investigation. They certainly didn’t put out any crazy conspiracy theories are give credence to crazy conspiracy theories or lead people in certain directions. Absolutely not.

I mean, except for stuff like this. CNN politics, McCain, I think it’s possible Trump is a Russian asset, because this was totally plausible, totally plausible. Let’s see former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe said Tuesday it is possible President Donald Trump is a Russian asset. So CNN Anderson cooper asked Andrew McCabe, do you still believe the President could be a Russian asset? And McCabe said quote, I think it’s possible. I think that’s why we started our investigation. And I’m really anxious to see where special counsel Robert Muller concludes that now we know that in hindsight, this is obviously ridiculous. We also do at the time, it was ridiculous, but it didn’t seem ridiculous to CNN. They say it’s another bombshell comment from McCabe. CNN took all this stuff very seriously, and they ran with it. So anyway, I think these are pretty empty words from Jake Tapper or Stelter, any of them. And none of this is surprising. It’s something we already knew, but I guess it’s notable that it just confirms what we already knew. Anyway, that’s all I gotta say about that. Please subscribe, like and share that really helps me out. If you just like to listen to the podcast, radio blown. It’s on pretty much every platform. If you look for it, you will find it. Thank you very much. I’ll see you next time.

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