Trump Supporter TARGETED By Corporate America Has HAD ENOUGH! [VIDEO]


It used to be that there were not too many circumstances where knowing who a person voted for really mattered.

Now, everything matters and is centered around who you voted for. Just take a look at how many Democrats have made it a point to turn everything into some culture war.

Well, what we are doing these days to people is just sad. You don’t see conservatives going out of their way to keep Democrats from working…

A pro-Trump musician was the target of corrupt corporate America and is now speaking out on a liberal witch hunt that tried to cancel him.

Ariel Pink was speaking with Tucker Carlson on her show when she talked about being dropped by his record label.

Mexican Summer, the record label, decided to bow their knees to cancel culture and refused to keep Pink on after backlash occurred from him attending a pro-Trump protest.

Pink attended a very peaceful gathering and was well within his constitutional right to do so. However, this did not stop the liberal mob from taking to Twitter to bash Pink for his support of President Trump.

After attending the rally, Pink’s record label announced, “due to recent events, Mexican Summer and its staff have decided to end our working relationship with Ariel Rosenberg AKA Ariel Pink moving forward.”

“I can’t even afford my lawyer right now,” Pink told Tucker Carlson when speaking about the incident.

Conservative and Trump supporters are finding themselves banned from social media platforms, getting their jobs stripped from them and even being banished from places like banks.


Stripped of Making a Living

Pink also told Carlson that he can no longer make a living at the moment because of cancel culture.

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2 thoughts on “Trump Supporter TARGETED By Corporate America Has HAD ENOUGH! [VIDEO]

  1. This is exactly what the progressive left wants…a confused, vacillating and helpless feeling general populace. This guy is not rooted in any ideology and will follow anyone who shows strength or offers some form of safety…even if it’s slavery!

  2. Democrats want to destroy everything ,not just the America,it’s citizens too. It is high time for SANE Americans to wake up and realize what these CRIMINALS are doing.CCP took over the election and we do not have anymore real Democrats,they are all hardcore Communists now

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