BREAKING: Leaked Draft of Trump Executive Order Would Protect Religious Freedom for Gay Marriage, Abortion Opponents


Trump has something HUGE planned for Christians in America.

This will change EVERYTHING!

According to faithfamilyamerica,

The draft of an executive order leaked to the press reveals President Trump planning something massive to aid Christians and other religious people, especially business owners and organization leaders.


After Christian businesses found themselves under attack for following their consciences — not providing services for gay weddings, for instance — over the past eight years, this new protective order could come as a huge relief for them and others.

According to the Christian Post, the order, if implemented as drafted, would grant protections to organizations and individuals based on their faith convictions.

The draft is reportedly titled “Establishing a Government-Wide Initiative to Respect Religious Freedom,” but it’s not immediately clear at times which parts apply to federal and non-federal companies and employees.

Either way, it sets a big precedent for religious freedom in America under the Trump administration.

Ryan T. Anderson of the Heritage Foundation expressed on Twitter: “Lefty groups are freaking out about the draft of Trump’s religious liberty [executive order]. It’s a good policy. He should issue it.”

Among the things order would do, according to The Daily Signal, it would ensure that no one purchasing health insurance through Obamacare would have to unintentionally support abortion procedures, revokes the Johnson Amendment that restricts political speech from the pulpit, extends religious protections of churches and charities to individuals of faith, and gives relief to the Little Sisters of the Poor who lost a fight against Obamacare’s abortion funding and contraceptive mandate.

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What do you think of Trump’s new plan?


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