Top Body Language Expert Just Revealed Something Frightening About Joe Biden!


Body language experts have always peak my interest.

The mouth and the brain can both lie, but involuntary body movements still reveal the reality.

Gregory Hartley, a retired Army interrogator and body language specialist, went through and analyzed portions of Biden’s disastrous first press conference. Mr. Hartley has some very sharp and insightful insights.

He claims that one of the primary ways Biden’s handlers attempt to manipulate him is by holding him on “script.” However, Biden is incapable of sticking to the plot, and this is where things go awry.

You can tell the difference between Biden’s spontaneous and prepared remarks, according to Hartley. Biden, according to Hartley, makes a “clicking” sound with his mouth before rattling off prepared labels.

He also claims that you can tell when Biden is about to lose control by the way he raises both hands in the air, then one of his hands drifts off to the side, indicating that he is losing control.

So intriguing…

Furthermore, Biden’s eyelids will begin to “flutter” just as he begins to lose control and go off-script, according to Hartley.

This is a fascinating study, in my opinion.

Biden is unmistakably a scripted puppet.

The problem for the puppet and the puppeteer is that Biden has gone so far off the rails that he can’t keep his mind on the story.

Joe can’t handle the script because it’s too difficult.

Ironically, it’s the script that’s causing the most problems for Biden – which is why, when he’s just talking to reporters without a script and the questions are easy, he does reasonably well…

When he is asked to utter other people more complex terms, though, he becomes overwhelmed and confused.

In so many ways, this guy is in over his head… And the people in charge of him don’t seem to mind.

Source: WayneDupree, TheDailyReformer

2 thoughts on “Top Body Language Expert Just Revealed Something Frightening About Joe Biden!

  1. Biden going off script IS, staying on script, as far as Biden’s handlers are concerned! 25th Amendment, remember? That’s a part of the plan to remove Biden who is proving that he is incapable of serving as president, and the American people will DEMAND he be removed. What’s stopping the American people from outright demanding it is that they know who is in the shadows… Kamala Harris. Only, they don’t know that she too is but a temporary placeholder. One year under Biden, one year under Harris, two years under Harris’ VP when SHE moves up into the presidency, for a 10-year term as president… Hillary Rodham Clinton. This has been in the works since Trump won the election in 2016. Hillary gave it away in her NPR interview of July 2018, when asked if she wanted to be president… ‘Yes, I want to be president, but I don’t want to run for it.’ Well, here’s their plan, being implemented, right before our eyes. Why do you think Jen Psaki said last week that she would be leaving her post as Press Secretary before a year was up into the Biden presidency? Because she knows that this is the plan. Nancy Pelosi also gave us a clue, before Trump left office, when she was having a House committee formed to look into the 25th Amendment to remove a president, and everyone thought she was talking about removing Trump via the 25th. Nope, she did come back and say this was for a future president. They’ve been putting in the foundations for this plan for years. It’s the reason why Biden was so confident about winning the election (“I’ve got the biggest fraud organization behind me”). People are not seeing the little dots, and connecting them. They just refuse to see it, because they cannot believe that it’s happening, but it is. WAKE UP, folks… Trump’s not coming back if they succeed in this plan. Hillary Rodham Clinton will be president for 10 years, and once that is done, America is no more as we know her.

  2. Corrupt Lying Quid Pro king Joe, doesn’t’ have the mental capacity to be POTUS. Corrupt Quid Pro is fronting for someone else. There is a shadow president behind the scenes. No way does Corrupt Quid pro have the mind set to formulate Domestic and Foreign policy, especially when one at the Ford Plant , praises terrorist supporter and anti-Semite Tlaib. If Charles Manson were alive today, the liberal commie Democrats would have traded in Trump for Manson just to get rid of Trump.

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