This Woman’s Reaction To The Las Vegas Terror Attack Is Beyond Sickening…

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I was taught as a young man to pray for everyone, especially your enemies. You’re supposed to pray for them because that’s what a good person does.

You don’t put any sort of caveat to it. You don’t put any sort of “but unless” onto it. You pray for everyone.

A hell of a lot of people died in Las Vegas last night. People are still as I write this fighting for their lives. They didn’t leave their homes or travel from out of town expecting someone to gun them down in the middle of a concert. I don’t know the political leanings of the folks that died, or the people that are injured; yet I still pray for them.

I do it because it is the right thing to do when things go terribly wrong. What you are not supposed to do is use a moment of tragedy to take a poke at someone simply because you don’t agree with the way they do things.

You do not use that opportunity to hope that only people that you do not agree with were hurt. That’s bot being a human being, that’s just being a hateful asshole.

Like this excuse for a woman right here. Her first thought was not about all of those poor people that got hurt. Her first thought that she so graciously decided to share with the whole entire world is that people she doesn’t agree with died or got hurt.

HOW DARE YOU? I mean seriously people, how dare this excuse of a woman have the NERVE to call herself a mother, a grandmother and a teacher to people when the first thought is that she hopes only Trump supporters died.

It’s people like this that we have to fight against on a daily basis. People that quite seriously want us dead because they don’t agree with us. What kind of country have we become where people like this are not only accepted but patted on the back?

But what does one man do? Well, I pray for her. Yes, even her. I pray that she lives a life of good health and that no tragedy befalls her because if something were to happen to her where she would need the assistance of a Trump supporter that she would rather die than seek that person’s assistance.

People like this are the bottom of the barrel, and what makes it all the more sickening is that she is allowed to mold young minds. That’s the true danger here people…

5 thoughts on “This Woman’s Reaction To The Las Vegas Terror Attack Is Beyond Sickening…

  1. Ann, you are one sorry individual. Dems or Reps, doesn’t matter which side you’re on, a tragedy like that should NEVER be used for a political stupid ass comment like that. People you know will see what a sick person you truly are.

  2. How can you look at that child on your lap and say such things? Children were out there in that massacre and you think that’s okay as long as their parents like Trump. You are a disgusting excuse for a woman , let alone a parent or grandparent. There will be a special place in hell waiting for you.

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