This New Bikini Trend Is Dropping Jaws On Beaches All Over The…


It’s easier said than done to get into the summertime groove. Compared to getting back into your swimsuit after a long winter, remembering to apply SPF, don a cheery sun hat, and find your favorite summer clothing is a snap. The first outing feels so strange that you can find yourself fumbling with a bikini top’s strings before realizing you’re wearing it upside-down. You’ll be shocked to learn that the latter accident is really on trend.

Upside Down Bikini Trend Leaves Viewers In Shock — Have We Gone Too Far?

While extreme high-cut bottoms, cut-out bandeau bikinis, and clear-strap bikinis have all taken over Instagram, there’s a new trend going on the internet.

Celebrities are crazy over upside-down bikinis, which seem to show them wearing their tops backward so they can reveal more underboob.

Upside Down Bikini Trend Leaves Viewers In Shock — Have We Gone Too Far?

Valentina Fradegrada, an Italian model, started the trend; she later made it official by creating the Upside Down Bikini Instagram page, where you can find countless images of her boobs. Additionally, it appears that the trend has a Facebook page of its own, and “Right now, the upside-down bikini trend is blowing up like a couple of helium balloons across Europe and the US,” reports the New York Post.

You immediately experience a boob lift, as it’s not too difficult to follow this fashion. The upside-down effect is achieved by positioning the gathered part of the bikini top, which would usually sit under the breasts, at the sides instead.

Upside Down Bikini Trend Leaves Viewers In Shock — Have We Gone Too Far?

Fradegrada received a favorable response from many social media users who either liked the way she looked or couldn’t wait to try her trick themselves after the look was debuted on Instagram.

With a wave of celebrities and influencers has duly bought into the trend, styling barely-there triangle tops either crisscrossed at the sternum or tied around their neck. This means you can experiment with the style using the triangle swimwear already in your wardrobe — and their army of fans tends to follow.

One person commented, “Wow I like it.” Another social media user who was impressed remarked, “You look beautiful. I’m going to try this.”

However, according to Daily Star, while many people participated in the fad, some people were hesitant to give it a try.

One Instagram user wrote: “Possibly the stupidest thing I’ve seen all day.”

Another laughed: “Hahaha my boobs would fall into the hole.”

A third simply said: “Absolutely ridiculous.”

It certainly begs the question: How much skin do we really need to show? Whether you’re a fan of this new trend or not, getting yourself in a twist has never been so appealing.

Watch it here: Youtube/Misty Mccallister

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