This Missing Elderly Couple Went Missing In Mexico, Where They Found Them Is….


The bodies of Ian Hirschsohn, 78, and Kathy Harvey, 73, missing San Diego couple found at the bottom of Mexico well.

The couple, who were staying at a house near El Socorrito in Mexico, was reported missing by worried friends and family members back home. The home itself wasn’t an unfamiliar property. Ian had actually been leasing it for 25 years.

Since the couple was familiar with the place they are staying in Mexico, family and friends hardly thought about it when the pair went off on a trip to Mexico. But when people back home stopped hearing from the couple, they grew worried and reported the couple missing.

Hirschsohn and Harvey, both were reported missing on September 2. The woman’s son, Robert Harvey, said that his mother sent him a text on the evening of August 28, saying they were planning a holiday and would go to a gold mine or to a beach. After that, they never contacted him. It has been reported that the couple was expected to return to San Diego on August 31 after a week of holidays.

Robert said he got to know from the office of the Consulate General in Tijuana that his parents’ navy-blue Toyota Land Cruiser had been discovered in Ensenada earlier this week.

As per the Baja California state prosecutor’s office, their bodies were found on September 3, at the bottom of the well before being recovered on September 4 and 5. The cause and motive of the deaths remain unknown while the investigation continues.

According to Daily Mail, the suspect is male. The publication also reports that prior to retiring, Kathy worked for three decades as a physical therapist in Chula Vista. They also believe that no motive was given, which may support the theory from People that the crime involved an unsuccessful break-in.

Oddly enough, there’s also a “season” for burglary — and the rumored burglary at Ian and Kathy’s vacation home fell right into that time frame. The couple were last heard from on August 28. SafeWise states that the summertime, between June and August, is when most burglaries take place. This may be due to people taking vacations.

Sources: AWM, Daily Mail

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