This Farmer’s Solution To A Rodent Infestation Has People Totally Losing It…


A desperate Australian farmer has gone to extreme lengths to deal with the mice plague destroying crops and livelihoods across rural New South Wales — but not everybody was impressed with his idea.

Millions of mice have been invading farms up and down the eastern rural side of Australia and they’ve caused untold damage. Farmers and townspeople have had their crops and equipment ruined and they’ve all suffered sleepless nights as the rodents crawl through everything imaginable.

One family also claimed it was mice chewing through electrical wires that caused their house to burn down, and last month the state’s agricultural minister claimed that “if we don’t significantly reduce the number of mice that are in plague proportions by spring, we are facing an absolute economic and social crisis in rural and regional New South Wales.”

Many have turned to industrial chemicals that have been approved by the New South Wales government to control the vermin. However, Andrew took a different approach.

Andrew has taken a drastic approach to rid his grain yield of the mice infestation. Footage shows him projecting thousands of mice out of the grain conveyer and into a raging fire inside of a rusty 44-gallon drum. Andrew claimed that the mice entered his auger after he transferred grain into his silo. The mice are probably trying to eat the leftover grain in the conveyer but end up staying and forming nests.

The infestation was so bad that it threatened the farmer’s entire crop, which prompted him to take drastic action to rid his farm of countless mice in one fell swoop.

Andrew’s method to get rid of the pesky rodents garnered plenty of support on TikTok but not everybody was impressed with his extreme idea, with plenty of people piling on to criticize the embattled farmer in the comments section.

Many have called his approach ‘inhumane’ and ‘messed up,’ with one person adding: “I think there are several methods of removal. Doing this is a demonstration of animal cruelty.”

However, some did agree with him even if his method was ‘brutal.’ One person wrote: “Seems cruel but the huge mice population is absolutely warfare. They’re destroying all the…crops and houses. Anything to stop them.”

Amid the backlash, Andrew responded to one person who asked if he could kill them more ‘humanely?’ In response, he said: “So baiting them is humane? They die slowly over time…drowning them is humane. Give me a humane way to kill them and I’ll do it.”

“I don’t like mice,” one person wrote, “but that’s messed up.”

“Dude, WTF,” another woman added. “You’re burning them alive.”

“Better than drowning them alive,” Andrew replied to the woman. “But most of them are dead because the auger chops them up.”

In the end, many people felt that Andrew was being unnecessarily cruel to the rodents infesting his farm and crops.

Rural parts of Australia are brimming with rodents. Experts fear that it may take two years for the country to control its rodent problem if drastic measure is not taken soon.

Animal rights group PETA has suggested that a catch and release approach might be the best way to deal with the mice but even they have conceded that a lethal response might be necessary given the magnitude of the problem.

Watch Andrew’s viral TikTok video re-uploaded on youtube: VersaChannel/Youtube

Here’s a BBC documentary that will give you a better understanding on how worst the rodent problem in Australia: BBC/Youtube

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