This Country Is Holding A Best Butt Contest, But Not Everything Seems Totally Right…


Which bottom will come out on top? A yearly competition that began back in 2011 has become a huge event in Brazil, with each winner going on to become a household name and securing close to $22,000 in official endorsement deals.

The contestants for the annual Miss BumBum contest have been announced, with 27 Brazilian beauties battling it out for the title of best buttocks in the country. Brazilians were urged to vote for their favorite bottom, which has narrowed down the list of contestants to just fifteen beautiful women.

And these remaining fifteen bombshells must fight each other for the win as they flaunt their stuff during a live runway show in the great Brazilian city. The finals are set to take place in São Paulo in August, with competitors ready to report for booty duty and parade their pert posteriors on national TV.

This year’s competitors appear to be the most diverse group yet, with entrants ranging from a truck driver to a transgender woman who was turned away from the contestant back in 2019.

These are just a few of the eye-catching competitors — and their beautiful butts:

One of the women competing to be crowned Miss Bumbum Brazil 2022 is 33-year-old dancer Maya Dhuryal. She has 200,000 Instagram followers and a butt that has a circumference of nearly 50 inches.

“I believe that just having the economic opportunity to participate and having the courage to participate is already a victory for me,” the bombshell shared. “I believe that everything has a purpose and a reason. Participating in the contest for me is an acceptance of my body – feeling good about myself – which it took me a long time to live this moment.”

Maya added, “I was ashamed of myself and my body, I thought I was ugly, I already had depression because I was married for 12 years, and my husband betrayed me a lot. Today, exposing myself is freedom, and a realization of self-love, taking care of my body and having the balance between staying healthy with the rush of everyday life.”

Meanwhile, Luma Kardashian is a thirty-eight-year-old Instagram star who has thousands of followers thanks to her large backside. She is known for looking like Kim Kardashian and works as an OnlyFans model.

“It doesn’t go unnoticed wherever I go… it hypnotizes men and women,” she said. “Just because I am a beautiful, independent woman with a body that attracts attention, I suffer prejudice because they reduce me to just a beautiful body. But that doesn’t bother me anymore. I think it’s a growing reflection of this society full of frustrations.”

Thirty-four-year-old influencer Anne Lima wants to impress the country with her looks. As a mom, she wants to make her daughter proud.

“I want to take this opportunity to show the world how I got to this age with the body I have without plastic surgery through my healthy habits,” she said when asked why she wants to be crowned Miss Bumbum Brazil 2022. “But I also want to show how I am. I want to set a good example for people.”


But there is one vital rule the contestants must adhere to, and it is they must not have had any surgery on their bottoms – although cosmetic procedures carried out on other areas of the body are allowed.

The competition states: ‘Participants may have performed cosmetic surgeries on any part of the body, except for the buttocks.’   

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