They Were Expelled For Using “Racist” Medicine, And Now They Want To Make Them Pay!


I have heard a former television executive I listen to on the radio say time and time again, that context is key. If you hear someone say something, what is the context?

If you tell someone to go to hell, was this you blindly walking into a room and telling someone that, or was there an inciting incident that proceeded it? There are far too many situations these days that get taken way out of context, and I am of the belief that about half of the situations where it looks like someone “said something stupid” could be cleared up in a two-minute explanation, and that’s to make coffee beforehand.

I hate it with a passion when things get taken out of context and you have to explain yourself, especially if the person you have to explain to is holding something over you. Speaking of which, anyone care to guess what’s got liberals in trouble now?

Do you need more evidence to prove we are living in a clown world?  Well, we have it.  It turns out that if you have bad acne as a young teenager and use facial products to try to fix it, you are a racist.

Don’t believe us, though; take St. Francis High School’s word for it in Mountain View, California.

The Daily Mail Reports:

“Two teenage boys are suing an exclusive Catholic school for $20 million claiming the ‘blackface’ photo they were ‘forced out’ over was actually green acne medication. 

The former students and their parents launched the lawsuit against St Francis High School in Mountain View, California, after the viral image sparked outrage last year. 

They say the school offered them an ultimatum to leave or be expelled. The school says the teens left voluntarily. A third boy who was in the image went to a different school and is not involved in the suit, The San Francisco Chronicle reports. 

A selfie – taken in August 2017 – shows the three boys when they were 14-years-old, topless with a dark green mask on their face.”

What is all the more humorous is that the students also had white facial cream masks that they were using as well that no one found the least bit offensive:

The highschool boys with white acne ‘masks’ on their faces

“In the suit, launched in Santa Clara County Superior Court in August, it is claimed that one boy suffered with severe acne. He had taken a pic with a white facemask a day prior to the green one, it adds.

In a statement the two families said: ‘This lawsuit is our attempt to redeem our names and reputations, and to correct the record to reflect the truth of what actually happened.

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