They Tried To Rob A Shop Owner Using Bear Spray, He Fired Back With Something A Little Stronger….


For such a scenario, like robbers, the shop owner of a jewelry store had a far more “potent” weapon and has been ready in cases like this. However, a gang of would-be robbers entered the jewelry store, in the hopes of stealing thousands of dollars in merchandise; the suspects even deployed a canister of bear spray. But they had no idea that the owner had much more than theirs.

With the purpose of committing a smash-and-grab heist. Four male suspects dispersed and got ready to break each of the protected glass cases, taking the pricey jewels with them and leaving just as quickly as they came; when they entered the Uptown Jewelry Mart in Upland at around 2:30 p.m.

In an effort to incapacitate and distract the customers and employees, the thugs sprayed bear spray on store employees during the brazen heist, but no one was seriously injured.

“The suspects deployed bear spray on everyone in the business, however, the business owner thwarted the attack by brandishing a legally-possessed firearm,” police said. “The suspects fled in a get-away vehicle that was waiting right outside.”

However, the gangs never anticipated what had just happened next. The owner grabbed his gun and threatened to shoot every member of the gang as soon as the robbers used the bear spray. Little did they know that the store owner had a much more powerful tool for blocking and discouraging unwanted visitors.

However, before the police could arrive, the group took off. The robbers sprinted out of the premises without a backward glance, hopping into a getaway car being driven by a fifth suspect.

However, the men had all worn face coverings, making it difficult for investigators to identify them as Detectives immediately reviewed the surveillance videotapes that captured the incident from inside the store. But a report indicated that the department received a tip from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office in Chino Hills, which was said to “provide invaluable suspect information.”

The thieves are suspected to be involved in other smash-and-grab robberies.

Through the tip, authorities were able to locate and arrest four of the five suspects in connection with the crime, and they said that the majority of the men involved in the attempted robbery were gang-affiliated.

According to the Upland Police Department,  Jonathan Williamson, 36, from Upland; Gerald Kay, 30, a parolee from Fontana; Dalon La Flora, 29, a parolee from Los Angeles; and Jahaad Crawford, 30, who was on federal probation and wanted for an outstanding warrant, were all arrested. On multiple felony charges, the men were booked at West Valley Detention Center.

Since then, the neighborhood has lauded the store owner as a hero for successfully defending his establishment, his workers, and his clients without ever firing a shot. In fact, the owner’s abilities were complimented by the neighborhood police chief.

Upland Police Chief Darren Goodman wrote on Twitter,

“Five thugs tried to rob a jewelry store near 300 S. Mountain Ave. Their attack was thwarted by the business owner who brandished a gun. The thugs ran out of the business to a waiting car. Thanks to @UplandPD & @sbcountysheriff, 4 of the 5 thugs have been arrested.”

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