They Have Launched An All Out Attack On Marjorie Taylor Greene!


In an effort to stop High potential Republicans from running the office, Democrats are willing to do everything in their power.

The Jan.6 incident was found to be a very useful tool for Dems against Republicans running for the mid-term election. So you need to watch all the attacks against Marjorie Taylor Green, Matt Gaetz, Madison Cawthorn, and others, and you’ll start to see who is on which side.

As previously reported, Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene is fighting for her right to run for reelection as a group of Georgia voters in her district is using a Georgia law to challenge her eligibility to run.

And now, a whole new level of assault against MTG’s reelection bid. They now held a hearing doing everything they can to keep MTG off the ballot.

Clearly, a desperate move by the opponents. I guess if you can’t lie, cheat, steal, ballot-box stuff, change the computer programs, and all other forms of illegal election tampering, then you have to keep the good guys off the ballot entirely!

Here’s what’s going on, even CNN is admitting it — they want MTG off the ballot:

CNN has more details of the story:

A hearing Friday on the longshot bid to remove Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from the ballot forced the far-right lawmaker to confront some of the incendiary rhetoric she’s used in the past, even as she denied vehemently that she encouraged the violent January 6 attack on the Capitol.

The activists challenging her congressional candidacy argued that her statements made her a participant of an insurrection, and thus, disqualify her from future government service. They tried to connect Greene to the plans to violently interrupt Congress’ electoral vote count and to those who orchestrated the attack. But Greene denied knowledge of any scheme to disrupt the proceedings and said she didn’t know key players who organized the rally that preceded the congressional breach.

Greene is one of multiple Republican lawmakers who have been targeted with disqualification petitions citing a constitutional amendment barring lawmakers from serving in office if they participated in an Insurrection. The challengers have faced an uphill battle to remove Greene and other lawmakers from the ballot, and on Friday, the judge presiding over the proceedings expressed some skepticism of their tactics.

But the hearing also subjected Greene to a detailed grilling about her views on the riot, and whether she had any knowledge of the plans to disrupt Congress’ counting of the electoral votes. She fiercely rebuked any suggestions that violence was what she had in mind as she called for protests and objections to Congress’ certification of President Joe Biden’s win.

Many rushed to her defense like Posobiec:

Sources: WLT, CNN

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