They Found A Missing Sam’s Club Card. What Happened Next Is Amazing!


They honored two Dunmore (PA) high school students today for their Good Samaritan work in Lackawanna County.

The commissioners of the county honored Joe Devecchio and Alec Yanisko because of their efforts to find missing federal judge Edwin Kosik last weekend. The two teenagers ended up finding his abandoned car in the woods, and they called for help after they found an old Sam’s Club Card in the vehicle that had the judge’s name on it.

Interestingly enough, these two teenagers almost decided not to venture out that day simply because the rain was overwhelming. However, they are glad that they decided to do it, simply because it led to Judge Kosik being found safe and sound that day. They continue to gain a lot of attention because of their efforts to track Judge Kosik down, and honestly, they are not sure what to do about all of the positive vibes they have received.

“We have gotten a lot of attention all of the time,” the freshman Alec Yanisko said. “There’s all kinds of kids that talk to us all the time, and the parents are certainly happy too.”

“Neither one of us consider ourselves to be heroes by any stretch of the imagination. We both think that we were just in the right place at the right time,” Junior Joe Delvecchio stated.

Either way, the commissioners decided the two should be honored, so it wasn’t long after they helped find the judge that their efforts were rewarded because the commissioners designated each April 4th to be “Joe and Alec Day” in Lackawanna County.

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