The Los Angeles Dodgers Have Totally Caved To Woke Transgender Pandering….


Revelations of the Los Angeles Dodgers bending the knee to the woke mob are deeply concerning, as the baseball team reinstated an invite to The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence for Pride Night. This reinstatement happened in the face of a widespread uproar after the controversial activist group’s invitation was rescinded, further illustrating the deep divide between traditional American values and the radical, left-leaning ideology.

The Dodgers‘ statement reeks of guilt and appeasement. They expressed remorse for the initial decision and admitted the array of feedback received from various communities, coupled with internal discussions and dialogue with The Sisters. Their apology was extended to the Sisters, the LGBTQ+ community, and their supporters. But one must ask, where is their apology to the vast majority of Americans whose beliefs and values are trampled by such actions?

“Our sincerest apologies to the [Sisters], members of the LGBTQ+ community and their friends and families,” the team declared in a statement. However, by bending to the radical left, the Dodgers have marginalized the traditional fans who view the drag queen performers, who ridicule Catholic nuns, as nothing short of blasphemous.

The Dodgers had originally made a wise decision in removing The Sisters from Pride Night after intense conservative backlash and Senator Marco Rubio’s justified condemnation of drag performers who mock Christian faith. “Drag queen performers should NOT be celebrated for their disgraceful imitation of Roman Catholic nuns,” Rubio rightly stated. However, the Dodgers chose to turn a deaf ear to the rightful indignation of conservatives and Christians.

On May 17, in an attempt to prevent the derailing of Pride Night’s positive impact due to strong emotions against the Sisters’ participation, the Dodgers responsibly excluded them from the honorees. Yet, after LA Pride, in a rather predictable move, chose to pull out of the event in support of The Sisters, the Dodgers fell to the pressure and the narrative spun by the left.

The Sisters, a group notorious for their controversial and derogatory representation of Catholic nuns, swiftly accepted the Dodgers’ apology and the Community Hero Award. It’s a frightening example of how groups that seek to provoke and insult religious sentiments are being honored in today’s America.

The Dodgers’ flip-flop decision to re-invite The Sisters occurs amidst a nationwide debate, with 18 states recently passing laws against sexualized drag performances in front of minors. More than a dozen more states have similar legislation in the pipeline. But do these laws even matter when our culture is so aggressively pushing the agenda of a vocal minority?

Criticism of the Dodgers’ decision has been loud and clear. Sean Davis of The Federalist referred to the appeasing step as surrendering to the “Rainbow Mafia” and lambasted their evident disdain for Christianity. He stated, “The kind of evil — the kind that targets your child for sexual mutilation and exploitation — cannot be negotiated with. It must be destroyed and eradicated.”

Transsexual Catholic Veteran, Sara Higdon, also weighed in, challenging the team by asking, “So you are now going to host an anti-Christian hate group?” And Liz Wheeler labeled the Dodgers as “cowards” for capitulating to anti-Catholic sentiments, illustrating the widespread disapproval of this decision.

The Dodgers’ disturbing shift from traditional American values is a slap in the face to all Americans who hold Christian beliefs dear. The capitulation of our culture to the neo-Marxist, anti-religious sentiments of groups like The Sisters is a dangerous trend that threatens the bedrock of our society. As the pendulum of popular culture swings ever more to the left, we must steadfastly uphold and defend our cherished American principles and religious freedoms.

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