The D.C. Mayor CAUGHT Desecrating The American Flag On Flag Day!


In protest of the lack of Congressional representation, Far-left Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser ordered Monday that altered American flags be flown along Pennsylvania Avenue.

The move is a form of protest over a long-sought battle for statehood, which is clearly written in the U.S. Constitution that it is not possible. I believed this was all explained in high school unless she is not paying attention in the class.

The national capital is not a state, as described in article 1 of the Constitution.

However, Bowser continues to protest what’s already written in the Constitution and said the exhibit was intended to be “a reminder to Congress and the nation that the 700,000 tax-paying American citizens living in Washington, DC demanded to be recognized.”

100 Percent Fedup explained further:

If D.C. was intended to be a state, then it would have been made one when it was established. Instead, it was made as an independent capitol so as not to allow any single state to have too much power or influence. This is all explained in a basic high school civics course so, of course, it is too much to expect for Democrats to understand this.

The disingenuous argument here is that without representatives in the House and Senate, D.C. is being taxed without representation. The reality, however, is that Democrats just want to add two more safely blue Senate seats in the same Stalinist way that they want to pack the court.

In April, House Democrats passed the “DC Admission Act”which would grant statehood to DC, however it must still go through the Senate.

Despite that minor detail, Bowser has defaced the flag with an unearned 51st star as she has them displayed for Flag Day.

It is worth noting that if D.C. were to become a state, Bowser would be elevated from mayor to the status of the governor.

Representative James Comer criticized the move, calling it little more than a brazen Democratic power grab.

Here’s what Comer (R -KY) said during a House Oversight and Reform Committee debate last year:

“DC statehood is a key part of the radical left’s agenda to reshape America, along with the Green New Deal, defund the police and pack the US Supreme Court.”

This radical left would-be governor uses this solemn Flag Day event of patriotism for his own political gain by altering the American flag.

Source: 100PercentFedup

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