The Cackling Hens On The View Have Just Been Put In Time Out!


We reported earlier this week that Joy Behar and Meghan McCain had gotten into yet another major brawl on ABC’s “The View,” this time over anti-semitism. It’s now being reported that this brawl was the final straw for ABC’s president, who intervened to instruct the two women to stop their personal assaults.

According to production sources, ABC News President Kim Godwin convened a last-minute meeting of “The View’s” co-hosts and producers, informing them that the show’s behind-the-scenes culture needed to be improved immediately. The virtual conference was scheduled after ABC received a barrage of requests to terminate McCain for her assaults on Behar, who, it should be remembered, also insults the conservative.

The insiders stated that Godwin, who only took over as CEO of ABC earlier this month, warned the women that the show had become far too personal, not because of the subjects being addressed, but because of the personal assaults. She went on to say that it’s coming off as toxic to viewers and that she doesn’t want the show to go much farther in this route.

McCain, on the other hand, was not having it. She rushed out of the meeting before it ended, according to sources, because she felt “attacked.”

She emphasized her desire to see the same intensity put into acts against Jews from the left during the segment on Monday that triggered this fight.

“I would love Democrats to put that same type of energy on to what’s happening on the left, because, quite frankly, this is how people get red-pilled,” she said. “They’re red-pilled when they see the blatant bias in the media because the media doesn’t want the ‘Squad’ to look bad. They just want [Marjorie Taylor Greene] to look bad.”

Behar retorted that she disagreed with what the conservative was saying. She claimed that she has been fighting anti-Semitism on the show for “25 years” and that McCain should “respect” her. That’s when things got pretty heated, since McCain was having none of it.

I’m not a fan of Meghan, but it’s crazy to believe she’s the most toxic of the bunch.

Joy Behar has to be one of the most depressed persons I’ve ever seen.

Meghan isn’t far behind her in terms of bad behavior, but she’s not quite as bad as Joy.


3 thoughts on “The Cackling Hens On The View Have Just Been Put In Time Out!

  1. Joy Behar is the main reason I refuse to watch the view . Her liberal bent to everything and anything is tiresome and her attacks on anyone with a conservative point of view is quite frankly disturbing . She has to be right and they are wrong . She can never just agree to disagree . I have seen her attack Megan McCain and before her Candice Cameron Berhue . Sad that what is a show filled with women of a liberal point of view feel compelled to beat up on what is the token conservative . Democrats , go figure .

    1. Demonrats devour each other because they serve evil! The view and the liberals all need to be hanged by the neck for being Traitors to our nation. That is what they support, that is what they earn according to our Constitution! Give them what they earn…

  2. These woman have the nerve to talk about anyone so much hate! Sara should never be on the Chase I love that show
    but her View hate comes through, they need a new host.

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