Stewart Rhodes Just Revealed He Was A Dress Rehearsal For Framing Donald Trump…



Oath Keepers founder and political prisoner Stewart Rhodes was sentenced in May, in Washington, DC after he was found guilty of “insurrection” by a DC kangaroo court.

Far-left Obama-appointed US District Judge Amit Mehta sentenced Rhodes to 18 years in federal prison.  This was after Mehta added extra years to his sentence because he believed Rhodes’ actions amounted to terrorism. This was a completely ludicrous accusation based on zero evidence. The soulless judge then lectured Stewart Rhodes following his sentencing on what a danger he was to society before Rhodes was led out of the court in cuffs.

Rhodes is currently 57.  If this kangaroo court’s conviction stands, Rhodes will be 75 when he is released.

For the record – Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes:

  • He NEVER went inside the US Capitol on January 6.
  • He never instructed anyone to go inside the US Capitol.
  • He was unarmed as were all of his Oath Keeper associates that day.
  • They left their weapons outside of the city in their hotel rooms.
  • There was no plan to enter the US Capitol.
  • The few Oath Keepers who entered the US Capitol assisted police.
  • There was no scheme to take over the government with their bare hands.
  • There were no pre-planning meetings on how they were going to take over the Capitol.
  • The prosecution was a sham.
  • There was no evidence of an insurrection – at all!
  • The jury was a pool of DC Communists and unhinged left-wing activists who see themselves as victims.

Obviously, to any honest American, the court appears to be completely corrupt.

Stewart recently joined Jenn Baker in a phone interview.

Rhodes says Americans will not hear from him for several months after he was put on a three-month phone restriction.  After throwing him in prison for 18 years the Biden regime is now wanting to silence him.

J6 Political Prisoner and Oath Keepers Founder, Stewart Rhodes recently sent out a letter explaining how his sentence is a precursor to how they will get President Trump.

Let’s just imagine that we lived in a country where we didn’t have the rights and freedoms that we have here in America, a country that when we are angered or concerned about the way our government is governing, we can’t say anything about it to anyone, especially in public. When we speak our minds, we will be arrested and then tried, not by a jury of our peers, but a jury who works for or believes in our government. Then after being found guilty of speaking out against this government, sentenced for being a terrorist, and being told you don’t have the right or freedom to have your voice heard in any forum. Wouldn’t that be chilling to live in such a country? I’d say so for sure and with that I am grabbing a jacket because I feel the temperature dropping.

Many of you may not have heard about Stewart Rhodes, the founder of Oath Keepers and January 6 Political Prisoner. The above scenario is almost exactly what happened to him.  Stewart was indicted and arrested in January of 2022, one full year after the alleged “Insurrection” of the U.S. Capitol. He has been found guilty, by a biased D.C. jury and court, for Seditious Conspiracy. This comes with an 18 year prison sentence in relation to his participation on January 6, 2021.

It is important to know that Stewart Rhodes was never inside the Capitol and was there as security for several permitted events and speeches that were to take place on the 5th and the 6th. Prior to January 6th, he had sent open letters to President Trump urging him to sign and activate the Insurrection Act. These letters and communications with fellow Oath Keepers seem to be the reason U.S. District Court Judge Amit Mehta felt so compelled to give this Patriot the heaviest of all sentences thus far.

Judge Mehta said in his sentencing remarks, “You, sir, present an ongoing threat and a peril to this country, to the republic and to the very fabric of our democracy.” Then later adding “You are smart, you are compelling, and you are charismatic. Frankly, that is what makes you dangerous.” He also said of Stewart “It is clear that for decades you have wanted the Democracy to devolve.” Then after quoting an interview in which Stewart had said “The 2020 election was not just stolen, but grossly unconstitutional.” Judge Mehta, referring to Stewart’s comment, said “We cannot have that in this country.” Are you feeling the cool breeze yet?

To get a better understanding of what Judge Mehta is so afraid of, we need to know what was said by Stewart in these open letters to President Trump. We must also understand that these letters are the basis of his sentence, as well as, his arrest. Also, we need to understand who Stewart Rhodes is and what he stands for in this fight for our country, for all of us and now for his life.

Stewart first and foremost is a true American Patriot. He is a Disabled Army Airborne Veteran that served his country during the Cold War. After the Army, he went to college at UNLV, graduating Summa Cum Laude. He went to Yale Law School and after graduation worked for Congressman Ron Paul. He served as a law clerk for the Arizona Supreme Court, became a volunteer firefighter, a criminal defense attorney, and then founded Oath Keepers in 2009. And these are just a few of his accomplishments.

After President Trump’s second term was taken from him and election results were being questioned by all who had voted for him, Stewart sent President Trump pleas to invoke the Insurrection Act. These pleas were not only coming from Stewart and the Oath Keepers, but many who believe to this day that the election was fraudulent and unconstitutional. Coming up to January 6th, Stewart had as many as 4 open letters to Trump asking for the signing of the Insurrection Act and letting him know that he, along with the members of the Oath Keepers, would be ready to protect and serve when he signs.

There were “Calls to Action” given to members of Oath Keepers for the January 6th Stop the Steal rally. They were asking for volunteers for protection and security, as they have done for many rallies before, and also to be ready in case the Insurrection Act was to be signed. Stewart and other Oath Keepers were contracted as security for permitted speakers Roger Stone and Latinos For Trump. While things had heated up at the Capitol, these events were not taking place. Some of the Oath Keepers decided, on their own, to make their way into the Capitol to assist the police and render aid when and where needed. Stewart continued with his duties around the area but never went into the Capitol.

So, why would someone be arrested, charged, and found guilty of Seditious Conspiracy when they never stepped foot into the place where this so called ”insurrection” took place? Good Question. You see, this Kangaroo Court that Judge Mehta presides over seems to be setting precedence. Let’s throw spaghetti on the wall and see if it sticks. If they can convict someone who never set foot in the capitol and spoke through letters and other communications about the Insurrection Act, then they will be able to convict a former president for the same thing. Judge Mehta upheld the conviction and while sentencing he made sure to infer with his comments that Stewart Rhodes’ Freedom of Speech was why he was found guilty.

Is this what our country has become? A place where we are not Free? Free to state our opinions? Free to have private conversations? Free to air our grievances? Judge Mehta seems to think so, and he has plainly stated that “We cannot have that in this country”.

In this newest interview with Stewart, we talk about how his conviction and sentence has set a precedent for President Trump and the legal battles that he is going through now and the ones that are yet to come. We highlight the lies that we have been fed by our government over the past few years and how we can’t continue to look to these politicians to get our country back. It is up to us my fellow Americans. We must take a stand to make change or we will be forever in the freezing cold of the communism and tyranny that is looking us straight in the face.



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