So, Anyone ELSE Remember What Crooked Hillary Said About Conceding?


If there is one thing that I hate, it is people that apply one set of standards to themselves and another to other people.

There is definitely some dignity with holding yourself to the same standard you hold others to.

This is a principle that the Democratic Party does not have. They want Trump to act one way while acting a totally different way themselves.

Democrats are outraged that President Trump refuses to concede the presidential election to former vice president Joe Biden, even after key battleground states were called for Biden by very thin margins.

However, less than three months ago, defeated 2016 Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton declared that when the election is held, Joe Biden should not concede to Trump “under any circumstances.”

During an online interview with Jennifer Palmieri for Showtime’s “The Circus” in late August, Clinton claimed President Trump would try to win the election by going after absentee voting, and said Democrats should be ready to fight if the results come back too close to call.

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