Sick Liz Cheney Just Showed Her True Colors!


Liz Cheney’s time as a Republican is nearly ending, and she should be aware of it since there’s no explanation for her complete disregard of how conservative voters perceive her.

What she’s doing right now is taking off her GOP mask in the biggest way possible…

What she has done today only proved that her turning back from the Republican as she completely dropped the entire pretense and has stood with Democrats when she delivered her sickening comment about Pelosi’s Jan. 6th panel and trashed two of the most popular GOP reps.

Cheney is now getting ready to be the next CNN or MSNBC new star after she leaves the Republican.

According to Chiney, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz is a “disgrace” to the GOP. She even got the confidence to say such a thing.

Looks like she needs a big mirror to reflect herself of the words she just released to Greene and Gaetz.

Liz has moved so far to the left, that she makes Bernie Sanders look moderate.

Below are the comments coming from the people online:

“Just like a democrat, accuse others of what you are.

Liz is a traitor among traitors to lead them all to their demise.

These politicians have a way too high opinion of themselves.

She is nothing but a crook. liar and turncoat traitor.”

“I no longer watch videos starring Liz Cheney, but I have seen enough to know I did not need to watch this to know that she is nothing but a depressing reminder that sometimes people just lose complete touch with reality. She is truly, and undeniably, mentally ill”

“They need to kick these two asshats on this Kabuki show out of the caucus. They can be whatever party they so choose, but they’re not part of the House Republican caucus. Also, remove them from every committee they’re on. Let it be a warning to every other RINO that this is the price of traitorous behavior. I know McCarthy doesn’t have the stones to do this…maybe Scalise would.”

“Cheney is a globalist republican that saw her family gravy train in jeopardy in a Trump administration. She and Kinzinger should be removed from the caucus but they won’t. Jordan for speaker in 2022.”

Based on these comments, it doesn’t have any good or positive message about Liz, someone needs to tell her about it.

Watch it here: Youtube/Forbes Breaking News

Source: Wayne Dupree

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