She Was Caught Having Sex With An Underage Boy, And Her Defense Is Absolutely Mind Boggling….


In a disturbing display of misguided blame and shameless evasion of responsibility, a woman who sexually abused a teenager now claims that she isn’t the predator but the prey. She insists her illicit actions were prompted not by her deviant choices, but by the minor’s advances.

The woman in question, Kelsey McCarter, 29, hailing from Tennessee, found herself in the throes of a court battle following her sexually exploitative relationship with a 14-year-old boy. She was convicted on six counts of statutory rape by an authority figure and one count of exploitation of a minor through electronic means. Now, instead of facing the heinous implications of her actions, she outrageously tries to shift the blame on her underage victim.

Contrary to the norms of responsibility and accountability, McCarter denies being a sexual predator. Despite admitting to the felonies, she insists that her relationship with the minor, a student of South-Doyle High School whom she encountered through her husband’s coaching position, was consensual. She ignores the stark reality that, by law, a minor cannot grant consent.

The repercussions of McCarter’s actions didn’t end at the court verdict. She was handed a three-year prison sentence and is also facing a $2 million lawsuit filed by the victim’s family for the trauma inflicted on their child. However, McCarter’s lawyer argues that the victim willingly participated in the relationship, thereby evading the responsibility to notify the authorities about the abuse.

The victim’s attorney maintains that McCarter and her husband should compensate the teenager for the emotional harm done. Yet, McCarter’s defense states that the boy “desired and maintained a sexual relationship with Ms. McCarter” to extend his stay at their residence. McCarter’s lawyer argues that she was just trying to assist the teen and his elder brother by inviting them to live with them, and the relationship only turned sexual because the boy expressed interest.

Kelsey McCarter and her husband Justin McCarter

However, the shocking revelation of McCarter’s actions surfaced when her teenage victim shared a compromising photo of her on social media. This evidence ended up in the hands of school officials, eventually leading to her conviction. Yet, even amidst the scandal, McCarter continues to uphold her narrative of innocence.

This case has ignited a fervent debate about the responsibility and accountability of adults, especially those in positions of authority. While some argue that the minor should have known better, the majority rightly insists that McCarter, as an adult and a figure of authority, should not have exploited the minor under any circumstances.

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