She Gave Her Thirteen Kids The Most Unusual Names You’ll Ever See, And They….


A New York mom is being ridiculed on the internet because she named her twelve kids some pretty extraordinary names. Veronica Merritt, a proud mama, is getting a lot of heat from people claiming her kids “will hate her” when they grow up because of their unique monikers. With twelve biological kids and one adopted, this supermom is no stranger to juggling a big family, but is it fair to judge her for her creative naming?

Merritt is an open book, sharing her daily routine with social media followers. She spends a whopping three hours a day preparing dinner for her thirteen kiddos, drives them all around in a school bus, and even color-codes their clothes to keep track of whose is whose. But when she shared her twelve biological children’s names on TikTok, things went haywire.

Her video, captioned “I’m 37. Here are the names and ages of my 12 biological kids,” went viral with nearly four million views. She showcased photos of her children and their one-of-a-kind names. Starting with the oldest, we’ve got Victoria Adrianna (22), Andrew Vincent (18), Adam (16), and Mara Annalise (15). But wait, it gets more creative from here!

As reported by Daily Mail, we’ve got Marvelous Artymis (9), Martalya Annastasia (8), Amelia Annabelle (6), and Delilah Arianna (4). Merritt wrapped up the video by introducing her three-year-old, Donovan Oliver, and her youngest, 10-month-old Modi Alexander.

The internet, being the internet, had plenty to say about these names. Some weren’t too kind: “Some of those kids are going to hate you for those names,” one TikTok user commented.

Others were just plain puzzled: “Marvelous Artymis? Dash Orion?”

One person chimed in with concern: “Marvelous is going to be bullied for that name.”

A viewer summed up their thoughts: “Like they got worse, then better, then worse again.”

And one more had a literary comparison: “Marvelous Artemis sounds like a Dr. Seuss character.”

But let’s step back for a moment. Isn’t it a parent’s right to choose their child’s name, however quirky it may be? This mom’s got her hands full raising thirteen children, and the least we could do is cut her some slack. After all, a name is just a name. It’s the values and love instilled in these children that will define their lives, not whether their names stand out in a crowd.

So, let’s celebrate the uniqueness of each child, and remember that family is about love and support, not conforming to what’s considered “normal.” Who knows, maybe these kids will grow up to be proud of their extraordinary names and the equally extraordinary mom who chose them.

WATCH the video below:

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