She Borrowed Her Grandson’s Socks, What The Really Are Is The Most Embarrassing….


Old age is often said to be like the stage of childhood. As children get curious about things around them, so do grandparents. But a grandmom’s curiosity has gone too far and is now going viral.

A young man from Japan who had a sex toy collection lived with his grandmother and one day, she stumbled upon his collection, however, she didn’t realize what they were and thought they were cozy socks. Little did she know that they were actually silicone vaginas, also known as fleshlights.

The young man was surprised to catch his grandmother wearing his sex toys as socks. He was embarrassed and horrified all at the same time. He couldn’t believe that the fake vaginas were dangling from her feet. The story was so funny that he decided to share it on Elon Musk’s Twitter business account @analKABAO.

The sex toys were designed for men, so they can achieve the feeling of a vagina while engaging in a session of masturbation. However, the grandmother thought they were pink thermal socks and started walking around the house showing them off.

The original tweet went viral with nearly eighty thousand retweets and more than 236,000 likes. People shared a lot of comments about the man’s grandmother wearing his sex toys as a pair of crazy socks.

The user also mentioned that he would no more use those fleshlights but asked if anyone was interested in buying them. He also joked that the socks were “still arm.” Well, we can only imagine the awkwardness he must face in the situation.

However, this incident serves as a reminder to young people that they should always keep their intimate items in a safe and secure place, away from the prying eyes of family members. It’s important to be careful when inviting family members to your home as they may go through your drawers and boxes.

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