Rush Breaks Sick Truth On Trump HQ Firebombing, Why The MEDIA Won’t Report This…



While many conservatives have been horrified at the firebombing of Republican election headquarters in Hillsborough, North Carolina, the mainstream media has not given it much coverage — something outspoken conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh blasted them for on Monday.

“Can you imagine if the Hillary campaign headquarters was blown up, do you think that would be in the news every day and do you think they’d be trying to find some Trump voter that doesn’t have any teeth to blame it on?” Limbaugh asked his radio show audience.

Unfortunately, we all know the discouraging answer, as Limbaugh explained, because if it had been a campaign office for Hillary Clinton, it would be the front-page story.

“But since it’s the Trump headquarters that blew up, ho-hum, no care, no concern,” he said.

Many in the media have placed the blame for the firebombing squarely on Donald Trump because of his controversial and non-politically correct comments about our country’s issues, but that wouldn’t be the case if it were Clinton’s campaign office that was attacked.

“If a Democrat headquarters were blown up, do you think that you would hear anybody say, ‘Well, you know, Hillary’s responsible. She’s out there saying all these irresponsible things, the Hillary campaign’?” Limbaugh asked. “No. And then they’d be tracking down every potential Republican suspect starting with Trump and then Trump’s family and then Trump’s campaign staff and then some of Trump’s redneck supporters …”

If it were a Democrat office, the media would be on a witch hunt to find out if the Tea Party was responsible or if some “conservative madcap group” or somebody on the “hate crime list” did it, Limbaugh argued.

“And then they would be wringing their hands, and they’d be talking about the threat to democracy posed by all of this,” he continued.

But, instead of doing the same for the GOP, the media have been focusing the majority of the recent news cycle on Trump’s claims that the election was “rigged” against him — claims they consider the real “threat” to the democratic process, not an intentional, vicious attack on a Republican campaign office.

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