Pennsylvania Lt. Governor CAUGHT Spending Taxpayer Money On Vacation Home!


A lockdown-loving Democrat was caught spending Taxpayer funds on pandemic vacations while pushing COVID lockdowns.

Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman used a security detail paid for with taxpayer funding on a vacation to the Jersey Shore in mid-2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to reports by The Washington Free Beacon.

The report said that he went on a summer 2020 trip to Cape May County just three months into the pandemic even as the Pennsylvania Department of Health issued a warning against non-essential travel due to a surge in cases in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Pennsylvania State Police spent $3,500 for overtime, food, and lodging during Fetterman’s trip to Ocean City, N.J., from June 24-27, 2020, according to records obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Fetterman had during the earlier stages of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic pushed for lockdowns, mask-wearing, and other measures to prevent the virus spread.

He also said in March 2020 that he and his family would “stay at home, minimizing social interactions and trips to indoor public places,” according to a Facebook post reviewed by the Free Beacon.

A Fetterman Senate campaign spokesman acknowledged the vacation but said that Alleghany County, in which the Fetterman resides was not in lockdown at the time of the trip.

The spokesman also said Fetterman, who is now off the campaign trail recovering from a stroke, has never claimed reimbursement for travel expenses.

But modest as they may seem, Fetterman’s security detail were guests at the Port-O-Call Hotel, a premier resort located on Jersey’s Ocean City boardwalk, during the vacation. The Free Beacon reports the Fetterman’s have stayed at the resort during other vacations.

Aside from pushing draconian lockdown measures during the pandemic and vowing to practice social distancing, minimize trips, and stay at home and out of the indoor public spaces, Fetterman begged Pennsylvania residents to mask up.

Here’s what he said less than a week after his vacation:

“I just can’t emphasize enough how important if you want Pennsylvania to stay open and the hospital beds to stay empty — please wear a mask. A mask has nothing to do with your politics or who you’re gonna vote for. It has everything to do with keeping Pennsylvania healthy and keeping Pennsylvania open.”

However, Fetterman was spotted maskless on the boardwalk.

Last month, Fetterman and his family were seen again on the Ocean City boardwalk.

Sources: DailyWire, Washington Free Beacon, ABC27

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