One Brave Reporter Just Made Biden’s Gatekeeper Squirm!


Another reporter on the scene slammed Jen Psaki.

Owen Jensen, WH correspondent from EWTB Global Catholic Network and he is aggressive and is not putting up with Jen’s BS, and that had her feathers ruffled.

It is no longer a surprise that Mr. Jensen asked a question about abortion, given that he works for a Catholic publication, but I was pleasantly taken aback by his aggressive nature. It was nice to see, and he wasn’t putting up with Jen’s “bs” responses. That typical run-around political speak.

Mr. Jensen wanted to know why pro-life taxpayers are funding abortion.

Which is a good question.

Jen’s response was the standard political drivel about how taxpayers’ money does not“actually” go to fund the abortions.

Mr. Owens laughed and brushed that off as nonsense. And He’s right.

Because if 5 dollars is taken from my check to support Planned Parenthood, it will be used in some way to facilitate abortion. Even if it’s used to buy coffee for the staff, that’s funding abortion.

Jen did a little bit more doublespeak and danced around a bit, and Mr. Jenssen swatted her down each time.

After hearing this, Jen gave up and refused to answer any more of his questions.

Biden’s gatekeeper tuck tail and run!

It is refreshing for everyone to see this kind of reporter not the propaganda artists from the mainstream media but asking questions that truly matter to Americans.

Not solely stuff about what Joe’s donut is.

But this far, we only have two reporters – this guy and Peter Doocy – who ask tough questions.

We need more like Jensen during this new administration.

Watch it here: Rumble


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