Ohio Officials Reveals The Number Of Illegals That Cast A Ballot In 2020!


The Democrats and the dishonest media would like us to not believe what we see, but instead, believe them when they say anyone who questions the election is a tin-foil hat conspiracy theorist.

There is no shortage of evidence related to voter fraud because of almost every day. New evidence of voter fraud in states across America is being revealed from noncitizens voting to ballot harvesters to interference by billionaires in our elections and evidence of non-profit organizations taking over the jobs of city clerks and election officials in Democratic stronghold cities, and Americans who’ve questioned the outcome of the 2020 election have been mocked and shamed by the Left, for the past eight months.

117 “apparent” non-citizens who registered to vote or cast a ballot in the 2020 election may face prosecution in Ohio, a state where Trump won in a landslide.

According to Newsmax reports:

Republican Secretary of State Frank LaRose said that of those, 13 cast ballots and 104 registered but did not vote. They were identified as part of a routine review and referred to Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost.

“The bottom line is this: Citizenship matters. It’s an important status that we should all treasure,” LaRose said at a Statehouse news conference. “With that comes the ability to be a voter. We want all Ohioans who are eligible to be able to cast a ballot, but certainly, that means only citizens are able to do so.”

In an excerpt report from WLWT:

Each person provided the BMV with documentation identifying themselves as non-citizens on at least two occasions.

They were also sent two notices at the address where they are registered to vote requesting that the individual either cancel their voter registration or advise the secretary’s office that they have become a U.S. citizen. Of 117, 104 were referred for registering to vote, while 13 were referred for voting.

“Voter fraud is rare in Ohio. One of the reasons it’s rare is because we have good laws on the books,” LaRose said. “These are small numbers, but there is no such thing as an acceptable level of voter fraud. We’re just not going to tolerate it. There’s also that deterrent factor. People need to know that if you’re attempting to cast a ballot and you’re not a citizen, then we’re going to catch you.”

Sources: 100PercentFedUp, NewsMax, WLWT

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