080814-N-9758L-120 PEARL HARBOR, Hawaii (Aug. 14, 2008) Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., visits the USS Arizona Memorial. Obama was in Hawaii while on vacation with his family. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Michael A. Lantron/Released)

Obama Flies Off The Handle, Makes TOTAL ASS Of Himself In Public


Obama throws a hissy fit for not being treated like royalty on his trip to get smoothie.

There’s a story floating around the internet that claims Obama was witnessed making an ass of himself in Public. The story says that he was at a smoothie shop “acting like a toddler,” because he wanted to be first in line. He had the secret service take any phones that were seen recording the incident.

From USA Politics Today:

A woman who was standing in line told the Washington Examiner:


He still thinks everybody is supposed to bow down to him. I bet those Secret Service guys can’t stomach him. That’s not the first hissy-fit he’s thrown, probably won’t be the last. It’s time to get him out of the news and look forward to the change Donald Trump is bringing. 

After hearing that Susan Rice may be required to divulge the crime and corruption of his administration, he has reason to be upset. Waiting to see him on the witness stand pleading to stay out of jail.

80 thoughts on “Obama Flies Off The Handle, Makes TOTAL ASS Of Himself In Public

  1. Maybe he should use his smart phone & text in his order next time….or wait in line like everyone else in this country..

      1. so where’s the date? I don’t see it … but I do know that he’s out of the country right now, so I’m guessing this article isn’t timely

  2. The Secret Service has no right to take a personal cell phone unless that person is committing an actual crime. Anybody standing in line for a smoothie is not committing the crime with her cell phone. Obama should take his place in line like any other American.

      1. Your right on target Phyllis…he’s a Kenyan and a piece of shiite that Dianne Feinstein was responsible to vett….stand it line ya big eared sac=o=shiite.

        1. Nancy Pelosi was responsible for vetting Obama. It’s her fault the fraud ever got to run in the first place

    1. Also, any county they were in, the Sheriff has rule over the Feds. The people could have pressed charges. Many people don’t know about the Sheriff having power over the Feds in their county. Our Sheriff actually threw a couple of federal agents in jail for overstepping their boundary.

    2. What makes the difference when it happened I just bet there is a lot of not nice stories out there about him. He didn’t want the best for us he only wanted to be the first black President but he shot himself in the foot matter of speaking. Oh I know that his followers won’t agree but who cares. He will go down as the most arrogant President that held office for eight years and didn’t accomplish anything


  4. His repugnance seems to be growing as his legacy is being dismantled by wiser men. Thank-YOU Jesus for validating Proverbs he who exalts himself shall be humbled. Obama’s self evaluation as being the fourth best president leaves great room for the humble tumble. His bottom is a long way down.

  5. Piss on that Queer! He ain’t shit to me! He’s a disgrace to America and a disgrace to every taxpayer that he has scammed trillions of dollars from. He’s going to get paid $65,000,000 to write a book on how screwed the American People and scammed all their money! I think the Government should take half of his money and split among us Americans, you know redistribute.

    1. Crybaby has been, or never was. Tantrums and bad behaviaor–why am I not surprised at him? Guess what, guy, you are nobody special. Stand in line and act like people for a change.

  6. I don’t wish him any harm, nor do I want any of his money. I do however, want him as far away from America where my kids and grandkids live where no harm can come to them like has come to many under his adminstration already. The suffering that many law enforcement and military families children have suffered, and the division that has been brought about in our country by Obama and his silent partners in crime will take many years to repair. The immigration issues tugs at the hearts of many and Obama is the only one to be held accountable from the get go. These are just a few of the concerns we are faced with and we all should pray for each and every one of our neighbors and especially our wonderful President and cabinet leaders and congressmen to stay focused with their mission of peace and harmony of the good old USA.

  7. The Democratic Party No longer represents the people who elected them. they no longer stand for the principles the party was built upon. Their corruption has become transparent.when they acted to support “Sharia Law” the peophiles within the Democratic party have revealed themselves!. The majority of Democrats are jumping party lines in droves. The Corrupt Obstructionist RINO’s, Liberal idiots,and “Liberal Educated Idiots” in America’s Government, schools and abroad, along with their ignominious supporters are like a hamster on its wheel running in circles on their “liberal feedback loop” of “lies and disinformation,”. They couldn’t get a fact straight if their lives depended on it. Their “identity politics” reveal them to be “unintelligent,” “incapable of research,”” spreaders of lies,” “disinformation,” and “smear tactics!” They are completely brainwashed by a News Media who is the biggest threat to Americans and their Freedoms in this country. They utilize globalist cabal and CIA subliminal tactics to undermine our duly elected representatives while constantly trying to “sell us,” another “bullshit story,” then “covering up,” or failing to report the “actual facts.” President Trump is “Awesome!” He has done more good for our country in the past 2 months, than Obama was capable of in 8 years. Give the man your support or emulate the “pedophilic Hollywood elitists” and move to hell out of our country!. The “Vast Majority of Americans Support President Trump.” and don’t give a damn what the liberals think unless you are the “Corrupt News media,” who promotes them or “George Soros,” who “bankrolls them.” . With mass Islamic migration, comes all the barbaric practices their religion and laws have to offer the West. Whether it’s “child marriage,” “rape, “”persecution,” or “slaughter,” the devout worshipers aren’t about to leave the examples their “prophet” modeled for them in order to follow un-Islamic Western laws. Of course, this is perpetuated by the left’s drug induced “pipe dream” that all cultures are “equal,” even ones with a founder who “beheaded,” “enslaved,” and “conquered.” through his unsuspecting hosts’ “hospitality!” “Beware the Snake” Trump knows whats going on here in our country and in Europe and is trying hard to stop it. Give him your support!

  8. Obama has had his reign as the most powerful man in the world. He was a hustler from what I have read about him..
    Why was he not fully investigated before becoming the President.. He fooled the American People. He spend hard earned taxpayer dollars for his pleasure.and will I would like to see him be held accountable.. To include his Administration.

  9. Would love see that EVIL piece of skin go to prison….but probably won’t since he has the likes of yo-yo pelosi, maxie wig waters, locahontas and all the other rinos protecting and LYING for it!!!!!

  10. “There is a story floating around the internet”. So this is the source. Give me a break!

  11. one problem with this story, he is at a resort on Marlon Brando’s Island and he would not be standing in any line at a resort where it costs thousands of dollars a day.. but it wouldnt shock me if he did act up like a child.. my question, Who is paying for his month long stay at thousands of dollars a day and Moochelle is nowhere to be around..

  12. This sounds WAY TOO SILLY to be true! But IF this ACTUALLY happened NO one should have given their phones to anyone. Obama’s not Pres any more and has no authority to have the SS confiscate phones. The cops CAN’T make you stop recording or take your phone if you do. Again… IF this is true anyone who gave up their phones needs to learn about their rights as U.S. citizens!

  13. Whether or not this particular story is timely or true, it’s important to remember that Obama’s administration ordered the surveillance of American citizens without their consent or their knowledge. That administration, at Obama’s direction, collected more telephone and internet data on private American citizens than was collected during all their Russian surveillance. THAT is worse than a hissy fit but very indicative of an insecure individual who was in way over his head as the President of this country. He’s good at speechifying and issuing executive orders and dividing the country along racial lines. Outside of that, I have no problem with the guy. Well, except that he was a farce.

    1. in about 2009
      4 secret service visited my home , after- i told my kids and friends- watch what they said over my phone cause i was propably wiretapped hope they got some recipies

  14. That’s why this country was left in such a mess. He worked against us for Eight years. Thank God we now have a real President who will fight for us and our country! God bless The United States and our President!

  15. They need to bow to a king, or anyway he’s always wanted to be one, so I guess he’s in pretend mode like his Hollyweird liberal gay friends!

  16. I am here to tell you that here is one that they would not take my phone, plus the one that they did take can sue the hell out of them, he is a nobody and can not go around stealing people phones.

  17. Come on!! They took all their phones so they couldn’t take a video? Give me a damn break. Without real proof this whole story is bull shit. And it’s against the law to take someones cell phone. What if they have to call 911 or have an emergency call. Whoever made up this story is full of shit. I’m not an Obama fan but this is pure nonsense.

  18. This is what privilege does to someone that wasn’t taught how to use it as a child. Everything is me first. I hate people like this.

  19. He would not have taken my phone. He’s nothing but a private citizen now. I paid for my phone, not him. There might have been one hell of a fight right there.

  20. He was nothing more than a street thugs Oprah promoted. He should have bowed out gracefully but hood is all he knew.

  21. I would not allow him to cut in line ahead of me nor would I allow his SS detail to take my phone. He is a citizen just like everyone else. Time to behave like one.

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