North Carolina Allowing ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS To Have Satan Clubs!


Parents in North Carolina are outraged at a religious organization that is trying to establish an “After School Satan Club” at a local elementary school.

And now, Parents are fighting back.

On Friday, Parents protested the development of a Satan club for youngsters near Joyner Elementary School in Greensboro, North Carolina, or at any other school in the district.

According to the allegation, flyers promoting the Satan club were circulated last week.

June Everett, the After School Satan Club’s campaign director and an ordained minister of the Satanic Temple, said in a statement:

“When they received Good News Club Permission Slips in their children’s backpacks in late February of this year, a group of parents requested After School Satan Club at Joyner. We only attend schools where there is a religious group on campus and where community members have requested our program as a safe and all-inclusive option.”

This image is used by the Satanic Temple. 
This image is used by the Satanic Temple. (AP)

More details of this bizarre story from the WGHP report:

Dozens of people gathered in Greensboro on Friday to hold a prayer rally against a controversial after-school Satan club.

People living along Normandy Road did not want the rally so close to their homes. One homeowner parked her van on the sidewalk to block the group.

Greensboro police had officers stationed at Joyner Elementary School to make sure things stayed under control.

About 50 people gathered with signs in hand, and some got on bended knees to pray.

“Kind of a rallying thing to say ‘we here in Greensboro does not want this in our schools,’” said Tempe Moore, organizer of the prayer rally.

The group does not want the after-school Satan club to gather inside Joyner Elementary School or any Guilford County School.

Late last week flyers went out to students advertising the club.

“This is not a time for good men to do nothing. It’s a time to let our voices be heard,” Moore said.

And now, a lawsuit was filed by The Satanic Temple against a Pennsylvania elementary school for refusing to host an “After School Satan Club.” The lawsuit accuses the Northern Elementary School in York, Pennsylvania, of violating the Constitution.

What’s happening to America? Why are we allowing these kinds of people to exist in the first place. Satan is literally after our children. Pray for this nation.

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