North Carolina Welfare Recipients NOW Being Drug Tested

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North Carolina is putting their foot down on those receiving welfare. The new law is making a lot of people very upset!

This is very important for those on welfare!

According to yournationnews,

Though most people have no problem with people truly in need receiving welfare, many people protest against the idea of their tax dollars going to people who choose to pursue drugs instead of working. A new law in North Carolina will require welfare applicants to be screened for drugs before they can receive help. Though Governor Pat McCrory had vetoed the law in 2013, it was eventually enacted after a few years of delay.

The law applies to people who are requesting help from the Work First state welfare program, that gives money, job training, and support to families in need. Every single applicant is not tested, but anyone suspected of drug use is tested. 7,600 people were screened through the program, and only 2 percent of applicants were then required to take a drug test. 89 people ended up taking the test, and 21 people tested positive. This means that only 0.3 percent of the people who applied for welfare were actually on drugs.


Any adults who requested welfare and tested positive for drug use were not allowed to receive any benefits. However, a few of them did end up receiving some benefits on a special payment plan because they were supporting children who still needed the help. This program has helped to weed out anyone taking advantage of welfare, and it is encouraging to see that most of the people applying for the program were truly interested in finding a job instead of using drugs.

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What do you think of the drug test policy?


2 thoughts on “North Carolina Welfare Recipients NOW Being Drug Tested

  1. If people aren’t using drugs, drug testing wouldn’t be a problem. I think they should have done that all along, with random testing at any time. In doing this those who are using drugs would be weeded out.

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